A classic example of folk wooden architecture can be seen in the village Town, Glusk district, Mogilev region. Church dedicated to the name Saints Cosmas and Demyan (or Cosmas and Damian), erected in 1814, according to other sources in 1866.

Around the church there is a stone fence with a rather simple gate of the early 20th century. On the territory of the temple there is a small cemetery, and the deceased is also partially preserved.

The church in the village of Gorodok is classical, measuring about 32 by 12 meters. It is distinguished by a pitched dome, which was probably redone in the Soviet period.

The temple functioned throughout its history, with the exception of a short period before the Great Patriotic War.

church town

At the turn of the 70s of the 20th century, the church was overhauled. Today, the Church of Saints Cosmas and Demyan in Gorodok is open to everyone.

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