One of the sights of the village Golshany - Orthodox Church in the historical center. Temple St. George located on a hill opposite Polish gmina in 1928.

Church in Golshany

The church is a typical architectural monument retrospective-Russian style. Dated 1901 year, was built on the site of the wooden temple of the predecessor, which was dismantled due to dilapidation.

Orthodox Church in Golshany

golshanskaya church was slightly rebuilt in the 2000s. The hipped tower has become a little lower. This difference is clearly visible when comparing the old photo and the modern look.

Old photo church in Golshany
photo source: Globe of Belarus

Another interesting element in the composition of the church is a three-arched brick brama.

Brama church in Golshany

The temple is located on Oshmyanska street, on the way to Golshany castle.

From Church of George the Victorious (in some sources the temple is called that way) you can walk along ordinary building Golshany of the 20th century к Church of John the Baptist.


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