Drysvyaty - this is an interesting village in the Braslav region, located almost on the border of three states (Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus). The rich and intricate history of Drysvyat provided the place with the necessary tourism potential. The village has preserved a beautiful wooden church, a castle on the island, as well as a unique monument of technological progress - HPP "Druzhba Narodov". There are several other worthy attractions, one of which is - Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Peter and Paul Church of 1908 in the village of Drisvyaty

The Orthodox church was built at the beginning of the 20th century, 1907 to 1908 of the year. The architecture of the church is quite traditional for that period of time and belongs to the pseudo-Russian style.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Drysvyaty

Peter and Paul Church consists of 4 conditional parts: a belfry tower combined with a vestibule, a refectory with a priest's room, the main volume of the temple and a small five-sided apse.

Churches of Belarus - Drisvyaty

The church in Drisvyaty is located at the intersection street school и Lake, if you drive along the road from Opsa, then it will be difficult to pass by.

The Braslav region is rich in historical sites and monuments, I recommend visiting the church of St. Jacob the Apostle in the village of Milyuntsy on the road to Drysvyaty.


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