There is a small village 30 kilometers from Brest Owlswhere is preserved church of 1822. Paraskevinsky temple built on the site of a wooden predecessor, when these lands were owned by Joseph Vysotsky.

Church in the village of Sychi

The shape of the building is rectangular, without any special decorative frills. The dominant position in the architecture is occupied by a three-tiered belfry.

Church in the village of Sychi

В 1881 year The church has been significantly rebuilt. This is probably why many sources indicate this year as the date of construction.

Sychi village

After the end of the Second World War, the temple remained active and was not closed. For quite a long time, until the 60s of the 20th century, a copy of the icon of the Pochaev Mother of God (made in 1698) was kept in the church.

Church of St. Paraskeva in Sychy

In addition to the church in the village of Sychi, there was a wooden estate Tollochko. Unfortunately, in 1992 it was demolished, only a landscape park partially survived from the manor complex.

Manor Tollochko Sychi
Manor Tollochko, old photo from the book “Castles, palaces, parks of Beraszeyshchyny X-XX stagodzyaў”

The two-storey house was built by Fyodor Tollochko at the turn of 1890.

Where was the Tolochko estate in Sychy
Zdymak was captured on 24.01.916

On the site where the estate was located, a park has been partially preserved, if you wish, you can also find the foundation of the house.

Manor Tolochko in Sychy
28.01.1916 year

To find Church of Saint Paraskeva it will be simple, it is located in the very center of Sychi. If you are driving on the highway H345, then you will definitely not pass by.

In the village of Rakovitsa, a settlement in the neighborhood, you can see an unusual tomb in neo-Gothic features, and a little further along the highway will be wooden church in Ogorodniki.

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