Boris and Gleb Church in Novogrudok

Novogrudok is one of those cities Belarus in which there are really a lot of sights, among which occupies its place of honor Borisoglebovskaya church.

Boris and Gleb Church in Novogrudok

The temple was built in 1519 year, and during its history it was repeatedly rebuilt and modified. The architecture traces the features of Gothic, Sarmatian baroque and pseudo-Russian style, which together create elements of eclecticism.

Church in Novogrudok Belarus

There are assumptions about the existence of a temple on the site of the church in Novogrudok XII century. Which, according to historians, was the cathedral of the Lithuanian metropolis.

Borisoglebskaya church Novogrudok

Borisoglebskaya Church Novogrudok

The architecture of the temple building, preserving Byzantine traditions, was originally built with recognizable elements of the Gothic style, but in 1620 the church became Uniate. So in the middle of the 17th century, after several reconstructions, the temple acquired baroque features. Approximately at the same time, the Basilian monasteries for women and men appeared at the church.

Old church in Novogrudok

Borisoglebskaya Church Novogrudok

Features of the pseudo-Russian style appeared in the architecture of the Borisoglebskaya church much later, at the turn of the 70s, the 19th century.

Church in Novogrudok

Borisoglebskaya Church Novogrudok

The church in Novogrudok operated until 1961. After that, a branch of the regional archive was located in the building of the temple, which was closed to believers.

Church of Saints Boris and Gleb in Novogrudok

The temple was returned to the Orthodox Church at the end of the last century. The church is located on Pochtovaya street, 10, not far from the city center and Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Being in Novogrudok it will also be interesting to see Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, and of course the legendary towers Novogrudok Castle (Shield and Kostelnaya).

Not far from Novogrudok there is an interesting village Vselyub. There are preserved ruins of the O'Rourke estate, церковь and the ancient church of St. Casimir.

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