Знаменитый Central Park in Manhattan - one of the most popular tourist destinations New York, the real "green heart" of the city. Here, surrounded by a concrete jungle, locals like to spend their free time, and travelers certainly include Central Park as part of their travel program.

Interesting facts about New York

History of Central Park

The idea of ​​creating a large-scale recreational area in the center of New York, like the Bois de Boulogne in Paris or London's Hyde Park, arose in the 40s of the XNUMXth century. Its authors were journalists of the newspaper Evening Post. The initiative was met with enthusiasm by the locals, and in 1853 the city authorities allocated a rectangular plot of land 800 meters wide and 4000 meters long for this purpose.

History of Central Park
pic: Nancy Pitters | 1862

The project of a new city attraction was developed architect Calvert Vaux и journalist Frederick Olmsted, thanks to which picturesque alleys, several artificial lakes, corners of "wild" nature, sunny lawns, sports and playgrounds appeared in the park. Elements of the urban landscape were kept to a minimum.

History of Central Park in New York
1903, next to the entrance to the park | pic: mymodernmet

The official founding date of the first USA landscape park is 1859, although construction was completed only in 1873. The park was opened to visitors in stages as individual sections were ready.

History of Central Park
photo: wiki

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the economic and social crisis in the country led to the fact that Central Park fell into a state of complete desolation. He was chosen by bandits and the homeless.

History of Central Park in New York
photo: BETTMANN/CORBIS site: mashable

The green heart of New York was given a second life by Robert Moses, the manager of the park in 1934-1960. Under his patronage, measures were financed for the reconstruction of destroyed landscapes and infrastructure.

History of Central Park in New York
pic: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS website: mashable

During the next restoration work, archaeologist Richard Hunter discovered the remains of cobbled Kingsbridge Road - the oldest urban highway.

History of Central Park
pic: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS website: mashable

Hereby symbol of New York Central Park became in the 80s after the creation of the Committee for the Protection of Nature. Today this location is known far beyond the metropolis. Films are shot here, concerts, performances and various events are organized, and excursions are held.

How to get to Central Park?

Central Park is located in the luxurious Manhattan district and is considered the largest on the island. It extends from the west 8th Avenue east to 5th Avenue and north of 110th Street south to 59th Street.

The total area of ​​the park is 3,41 sq km. Along the perimeter, it is surrounded by a 10-kilometer road, which is often used by cyclists and evening joggers. After 7 pm, motor traffic on the road is prohibited, and citizens and visitors are in a hurry to take advantage of this.

Central Park in New York City

You can get to the park by taxi, bus or metro, focusing on Cathedral Pkwy, 5Av./59St., Central Park North and Columbus Circle stations.

Squirrels in Central Park

Landmarks in Central Park

Huge green rectangle New York is a unique place where you can enjoy nature and truly relax.

Landmarks of Central Park New York

People come here to study birds, roller-skate and cycle, feed squirrels, swim in a boat on a picturesque pond, fish, lie on the grass, have picnics, sing or listen to music.

Landmarks of Central Park in New York

Also, get to know the local attractions.

At the main entrance there is a zoo with monkeys, lemurs, leopards and bears. Another zoo - a contact menagerie - is located in the depths of the park. Sheep, decorative pigs, goats, ponies live on its territory.

animals in central park

Central park attractions

Special attention should be paid to Belvedere castle, the Metropolitan Museum, Puppet Theatre, Shakespeare Garden, Delacorte Theatre, musical clock, Bethesda fountain and terrace.

Landmarks of Central Park in New York

One of the most visited locations is Memorial "Strawberry Fields", erected on the 5th anniversary of the death John Lennon. From a bird's eye view, this place resembles a tear in its shape - this was the idea of ​​the musician's widow.

Park in winter and summer: the main differences for tourists

You can choose any season to visit Central Park in New York: it is beautiful in its own way both in the snowy season and on a hot summer day.

Monument to Hamilton New York

The warm season is perfect for long walks along winding paths, picnics and exploring the park's hidden treasures. For example, man-made waterfalls in its northern part, created by Vokh and Olsted as a reminder of the Adirondacks.

Central Park in New York

In spring and summer in Central Park you can admire the beauty of Japanese cherries, maples and elms, watch the flowering of crocuses, daffodils, azaleas, hyacinths and magnolias in Shakespeare's garden and swim in the huge pool, open in July-August.

Winters in New York can not be called severe: the temperature rarely drops below -5 ° C. This time is great for ice skating. The park is filled with two large skating rinks, which are especially popular on Christmas Eve.

Central park in New York skating rink

The New Year's atmosphere is especially strong here, because the festively decorated Central Park becomes a little magical.

Central Park in New York is an amazing place, acquaintance with which promises to be a bright and memorable event. Read also about Roosevelt Island in New York.


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