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How to get to Park Güell in Barcelona

Park Guell: tickets, how to get there and what to see

How to get to Park Güell in Barcelona We have already told you about the heritage of Barcelona - Park Güell by the eminent architect Antoni Gaudí. It is this park in...
tyszkiewicz palace

In the estates of the Lithuanian seaside - acquaintance with the culture of the nobility

The Tyszkiewicz Palace in Palanga The summer capital and the most popular resort of Lithuania is Palanga. People come here for clean pine air, swim in the Baltic Sea, relax among ...
Barcelona beaches

Where is the best place to relax? Barcelona beaches

In between your sightseeing in Barcelona and another serving of paella, a walk along the beaches of the Spanish diamond is a must. Catalonia is rich in places to stay, if so...
Amazing Hong Kong

Amazing Hong Kong - acquaintance, features, travel tips.

In the city of skyscrapers, Chinese lanterns, English pubs and trendy cinema, there is no silence even at night. Hong Kong is a bit like New York with its skyscrapers scurrying back and forth ...

Journey to the XNUMXth century: Traku Voke and Užutrakis manors

Ancestral homesteads of Tyszkiewicz. Traku Woke and Užutrakis The estates of Traku Woke and Užutrakis were home to count families. But as often happens, these palaces did not belong to...

Autumn Journey Through Tennessee

Tennessee is a great place to spend the fall here. It is dotted with high rocky mountains covered with forests, and in autumn these forests delight with flaming...
8 reasons to visit Australia

8 reasons to visit Australia before you turn 30

8 reasons to visit Australia before you turn 30 Everyone should like to take a short look at Australia to see everything that this country can do...
smolensk city tours

Weekend guide in Smolensk, as well as city tours

In search of cultural and historical enlightenment and budget holidays, you can go to Smolensk! How to get to Smolensk? What to see? Where to stay and what attractions does...
Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida. Amusement park in the USA

Amusement Park Universal Studios (Universal Studios Florida) We do not get tired of talking about the most interesting places where we managed to visit and where you should definitely go!...
walk in rome

Roman photographer from Minsk tells how to spend time in the eternal city

Walk through the eternal city. Traveling to Rome Making the decision to move is never easy. So Ekaterina Ishmyakova decided for a long time, but still left Minsk and went ...

What to do in The Hague? TOP places in 1-2 days

When it comes to tourism in the Netherlands, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely Amsterdam. However, this unique country has plenty of other...
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