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review about holidays in Antalya

Independent holidays in Antalya, Turkey: pros, cons and tips

Mountains, sea, sun, pebble and rocky beaches, tangerine and pomegranate groves, a picturesque pier in the old city - all this is Antalya. In this article, I will share...
Review of a trip to Alanya, Turkey

Review of a trip to Alanya, Turkey

I want to share my impressions about the trip to Turkey, the city of Alanya. This was my first experience with package travel. Usually my husband and I fly "on our own", ...
Alanya Turkey - interesting facts and local cats

Alanya, Turkey interesting facts and cats

Alanya is one of the most famous Turkish resorts that has been attracting tourists since the 1960s. It is a beautiful and hospitable city with a rich history, with which...
Fortress in the city of Alanya Turkey history and photos

Amazing fortress in Alanya city, Turkey

The Turkish city of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast is one of the most popular and favorite resorts among tourists. Its main attraction is considered to be an ancient fortress,...
What to see in Kutaisi and surroundings, attractions

What to see in Kutaisi and surroundings?

The city of May and roses, the historical capital of Georgia, one of the oldest centers of Georgian culture, as well as the administrative center of the region of Imereti - all this is about the beautiful...
Central park in New York skating rink

Central Park in New York: history, how to get there, attractions

The famous Central Park in Manhattan is one of the most popular tourist locations in New York, the real "green heart" of the city. Here, surrounded by a concrete jungle, they like to spend...
Roosevelt Island in New York

Interesting in New York: unusual Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island in New York City is visited by thousands of US tourists every year. They are attracted by the special history and atmosphere of this territory, its magic of attraction. Plus it...
Dead Sea

Dead Sea - useful information

Why is the Dead Sea attractive for tourists? The Dead Sea is located on the Israeli-Jordanian border. It is sometimes called the Bottom of the World, and it is no coincidence that it is lower by 417...
Rest on Baikal Excursions

Leisure and excursions to Baikal: what to expect?

Protected and picturesque places of Baikal have always attracted tourists. There is a stereotype that the best time for outdoor activities on Lake Baikal is the summer period....
Alcatraz in the USA - a prison with harsh rules: history

Impregnable Alcatraz - the most famous US prison

Continuing the cycle of materials devoted to interesting places in the USA, I also got to the legendary prison on the west coast of America, which everyone has probably heard of - Alcatraz...

What to see in Antwerp?

Antwerp is the largest city in the Flemish region and the second largest in Belgium. Known as the small homeland of the painter Peter Paul Rubens, for its eerie legend...
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