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Flavian Amphitheater - the legendary Colosseum in Rome

Flavian Amphitheater - Colosseum in Rome

Rome is a unique city not only in Italy, but also in Europe as a whole. It is difficult to imagine a person who would not hear about him and his ...
Roman baths of Caracalla - impressive ruins

Roman Baths of Caracalla

For Ancient Rome, baths (terms) were a real cult and a place where you can not only wash yourself, but also solve various issues. Roman baths...
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Square of Miracles: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cathedral and Baptistery

The Leaning Tower of Pisa gained its world fame thanks to a peculiar phenomenon - a tilt that creates the illusion that the entire structure is about to collapse. The turret angle is really...
yosemite national park usa

One of the best national parks in the USA - Yosemite

Йосемитский национальный парк в США - часто называют одним из самых красивых мест в Америке. Золотая долина, рай для скалолазов и лес вечнозеленых гигантов....
Pamukkale in Turkey review, experience, history, pool, Hierapolis

Pamukkale is one of the main attractions of Turkey

Turkey is associated with many as a country for couch potatoes, where there is only a buffet and a lazy holiday. This is a fundamental misconception. Turkey has many...
Sights of Turkey - Lake Salda

Sights of Turkey - Lake Salda

Lake Salda - where is it located and what is Salda - a unique lake in its origin, formed in the crater of an inactive volcano. Landscapes of the lake...
City of Suzdal excursions

The Golden Ring of Russia: the city-museum of Suzdal

Suzdal is a small city, loosely located on the Kamenka River and included in the list of 8 cities that form the tourist route - the Golden Ring of Russia. The population of the city...
A trip around Karelia: visiting Talvi Ukko

A trip around Karelia: visiting Talvi Ukko

It is believed that the second half of the summer season is the best time to travel to Karelia. But in winter this amazing region is no less interesting. New Year holidays spent...
Pier "Netsel Marina"

What to see in the Turkish city of Marmaris and its environs?

Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. The resort on the shores of the Aegean Sea is famous for its comfortable beaches and many all inclusive hotels....
What to see in Peterhof

Amazing Peterhof - what is a must-see?

Peterhof is a small town 40 minutes drive from St. Petersburg. Located near the Gulf of Finland, Peterhof is known as a country house, residence, of Russian emperors. Founded in...

What to see in Antwerp?

Antwerp is the largest city in the Flemish region and the second largest in Belgium. Known as the small homeland of the painter Peter Paul Rubens, for its eerie legend...
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