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what to see in kiev

Kiev ancient and modern. Weekend guide

What to see in Kiev? City guide and excursions Ancient Kiev, famous for its legends, beautiful architecture and historical events. The largest and most attractive city in Ukraine,...
sequoia national park

Giants in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park Among the alpine meadows and mountains of California, 100-meter giants, sequoias, grow out of the ground. It's about Sequoia National Park. Here is the most...
Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

US Travel - Morro Bay Skateboard Museum in California

The most classic part of any trip is visiting some attraction, because how else? And if churches, churches, streets and squares every tourist will or...
The most expensive resorts in the world

The most expensive resorts in the world. Dreaming is not bad

The most expensive resorts in the world - we look, we envy, we are surprised, we swear and we consider how much we need to work in order to relax there at least a couple of days. But not to...
Swedish peninsula Karlskrona

Guide to Karlskrona (Sweden)

The Swedish peninsula of Karlskrona The other day I happened to visit a very beautiful and historic town in Sweden - Karlskrona (Karl's Crown). Many travelers know about it...
interesting facts about new york

The city that never sleeps. Facts about New York

Interesting facts about New York A fairly young city, founded only at the beginning of the 17th century and given its first name as "New Amsterdam", today is known, perhaps, to everyone who...
American Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History in New York.

American museum of natural history (The American museum of natural history) To visit New York and not to visit the American Museum of Natural History is a real crime. Museum of colossal...
kotor montenegro

City with green shutters. Kotor, Montenegro

This city is probably familiar to everyone who has been to Montenegro. During the tourist season, crowds of travelers from all over the world flock here. Ancient architecture, rich history and...
european capital of culture 2018

European Capital of Culture – Leeuwarden

Named European Capital of Culture 2018 In 2018, the little-known city of Leeuwarden will receive crowds of tourists. The Dutch city, the capital of the Friesland region, has received the title of cultural capital...

Myanmar country. Insta-journey with Berta Shkuta

Myanmar, or perhaps the more familiar Burma, is not the most popular tourist destination. So far, this exotic place remains tempting for more sophisticated travelers. By...

What to do in The Hague? TOP places in 1-2 days

When it comes to tourism in the Netherlands, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely Amsterdam. However, this unique country has plenty of other...
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