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What to see in Peterhof

Amazing Peterhof - what is a must-see?

Peterhof is a small town 40 minutes drive from St. Petersburg. Located near the Gulf of Finland, Peterhof is known as a country house, residence, of Russian emperors. Founded in...
Mammoth Cave in Kentucky

Going underground: Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

At the very end of the 18th century, when there were still 50 years before the American Civil War, and the thirsty for adventure continued to explore the continent, a

The sea breeze of the Adriatic is Montenegro

If you want to visit a country with wonderful mountain air, feel the sea breeze of the Adriatic and admire the beauties of a country whose ecological status is recognized by the world community,...
What to see in Warsaw in 1 day

Weekend guide: what to see in Warsaw?

What to see in Warsaw in 1 day? A visit to the Polish capital will leave the most favorable impressions on travelers. Warsaw is one of the most beloved cities for many...
Central park in New York skating rink

Central Park in New York: history, how to get there, attractions

The famous Central Park in Manhattan is one of the most popular tourist locations in New York, the real "green heart" of the city. Here, surrounded by a concrete jungle, they like to spend...
starfish beach in fukuoka

Starfish Beach on Phu Quoc Island

On the island of Phu Quoc, it will be interesting to visit the beach of stars, where starfish live in large numbers. The correct name is Asteroidea, in Fukuoka orange with sharp ...
tyszkiewicz palace

In the estates of the Lithuanian seaside - acquaintance with the culture of the nobility

The Tyszkiewicz Palace in Palanga The summer capital and the most popular resort of Lithuania is Palanga. People come here for clean pine air, swim in the Baltic Sea, relax among ...
Swedish peninsula Karlskrona

Guide to Karlskrona (Sweden)

The Swedish peninsula of Karlskrona The other day I happened to visit a very beautiful and historic town in Sweden - Karlskrona (Karl's Crown). Many travelers know about it...
Fortress in the city of Alanya Turkey history and photos

Amazing fortress in Alanya city, Turkey

The Turkish city of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast is one of the most popular and favorite resorts among tourists. Its main attraction is considered to be an ancient fortress,...
Lithuanian castles

Lithuanian castles - surviving heritage

Castles of Lithuania Defensive fortresses and majestic palaces originate from ancient times. Shrouded in mysterious stories and legends, Lithuanian castles can tell a lot about the past....

What to see in Antwerp?

Antwerp is the largest city in the Flemish region and the second largest in Belgium. Known as the small homeland of the painter Peter Paul Rubens, for its eerie legend...
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