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This page contains all the sights of Belarus that are on our website. Just flip through the pages using the lists. Also, for convenience, use the tags:

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bytcha village

Holy Trinity Church in the village of Bytcha

In the Minsk region, not far from the city of Borisov, is the village of Bytcha, famous for its long-suffering Trinity Church. The first mention of the temple in this area refers to...
Brest Fortress excursions

Brest Fortress - the main attraction of Brest

The memorial ensemble "Brest Fortress" invites you to walk through the places of hot battles during the war and look at monuments impressive in their grandeur. The beginning of the memorial "Brest Fortress" is...
Manor Bokhvytsey Pavlinovo

Manor Bokhvitsey in Pavlinovo

On the shore of the lake in the village of Pavlinovo, the Bokhvitsa Manor is located. Now the former estate is under reconstruction. The manor was built during the neo-Gothic heyday, so all the buildings are...
Manor-museum and monument of Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Kossovo, Belarus

Manor-museum of Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Kossovo

One of the interesting sights in Kossovo is the museum-estate of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. This museum has an interesting history. After the death of father Tadeusz in 1764, the family was...
River station of Pinsk

River station on Pina

River station of Pinsk The place from where motor ships with passenger traffic leave from April to October is the river station of Pinsk. It belongs to the RTUP "Belarusian River Shipping Company". There is...
Volma village

Ruins of the tomb of the Vankovich family

Volma village - the ruins of the chapel-tomb At the intersection of the roads going from Rakov and Ivenets, there is a small village of Volma. On the opposite side from the Vankovichi estate itself, on...
Jesuit Collegium in Polotsk

Jesuit Collegium in Polotsk

  From time immemorial, Polotsk has been a recognized educational and cultural center. Since the 16th century, the history of the Jesuit order was born in this city in the Vitebsk region. Thanks to Stefan...
Church of St. Elijah

Church of St. Elijah in the village of Naroch

Not far from the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in the resort village of Naroch is the Church of St. Elijah. The building of the second half of the 19th century is surrounded by a...
mlyn museum and smithy in zaslavl

Ethnographic complex. Mlyn and Forge

Ethnographic complex in Zaslavl There are surprisingly many beautiful places on the territory of Belarus. They help the soul to open up, and the visitor to find out how people lived when there was no...

Holy Cross Church in Mogilev

Boriso-Glebovsky Cathedral in Mogilev was built in 1869 in honor of an important event for believers - the Exaltation of the life-giving Cross of the Lord. History has not been preserved...
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