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Blon, a monument of wooden architecture - Trinity Church of the 19th century

Church of the Holy Trinity in Blon

The agro-town of Blon in the Pukhovichi district is known not only for the preserved Bonch-Osmolovsky estate, but also as a monument of wooden architecture. In 1826, a...
Church of the Heart of Jesus in the village of Ilya

Church of the Heart of Jesus in the village of Ilya

30 km from Vileyka is the agricultural town of Ilya, which is often found on tourist routes. The place is attractive as a Catholic shrine of the early 20th century. The Church of the Heart of Jesus was...
Starinki village - an abandoned estate of the Bogdanovich family

Abandoned manor Bogdanovichi in the village of Starinki

On the outskirts of the village of Starinki, one interesting historical site has been preserved - the estate of Bogdanovichi. The house has been standing in the Vileika region since the beginning of the 20th century. Originally the owner of the estate...
Chapel-tomb of the Bogdanoviches in the village of Obodovtsy

Chapel-tomb of the Bogdanoviches and other buildings in the village of Obodovtsy

In the Vileyka district, near the agricultural town of Ilya, a chapel-tomb and a number of buildings from the times of the Bogdanovichs have been preserved. Obodovtsy - a small village in the 19th century belonged to the famous Bogdanovich family. By...
Church in the village of Vyazyn

Church of the Intercession in Vyazyn

On the shore of one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Belarus, the Vileika reservoir, there is an agro-town of Vyazyn. Few have heard about the sights of this place. Vyazyn is located in the Vileyka district, ...

Trinity Church in Dolginovo

The modern agricultural town of Dolginovo, Vileika district, in the old days was a kind of transport interchange. 5 roads converged in it, along which it was possible to get to the nearby...
church in Dolginovo

Church of St. Stanislaus in Dolginovo

Dolginovo has been mentioned in chronicles since the 16th century and is located in the Vileyka district, Minsk region. In the middle of the 16th century, Dolginovo belonged to the Khodkeviches, and in the 17th...
Church of the Intercession in Kletsk

Church of the Intercession in the city of Kletsk

In the northern part of Kletsk, in the old cemetery, there is the Holy Intercession Church. The first information about the temple at this place is mentioned in the kletsk inventory, but under a different...

Ruins of the Trinity Church in Mostoviki

In the Myadel district, 15 km from Budslav, there is a small village called Mostoviki. Not far from it, on the road to Old Gaby, the ruins of the Trinity Church have been preserved....
Church of the Prophet Elijah in Lyubcha, early 20th century architecture

Church of the Prophet Elijah in Lyubcha

In the central part of the village with the romantic name "Lyubcha" you can see the snow-white church of the prophet Elijah. The village is located in the Novogrudok district, on one of the banks of the Neman....
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