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Unusual house in Bobruisk, owned by merchant Katsnelson

The house of the merchant Katsnelson is one of the most striking sights of Bobruisk. It belonged to the successful "business woman" Pai-Brina Katznelson. There is a legend that she drew attention to him, ...
Abandoned tomb of the Obukhoviches in the village of Velikaya Lipa

Ruins of the tomb in Velyka Lipa

Velikaya Lipa used to be a large estate, well known in the Nesvizh region. The lands belonged to the Radziwills for a long time, and then, from the 17th century, the Great ...
Neo-Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity in Shilovichi

Neo-Gothic church of the 20th century in Shilovichi

In the village of Shilovichi, there is one of the highest churches in Belarus, which can even compete with the Trinity Church in Gervyaty. Its height is about 55...
Church in the village of Zelovo and an old gate-bell tower

Ancient gate-bell tower in the village of Zelovo

In the village of Zelovo there used to be an old wooden church. After a fire in 2005, the temple was completely burned out, only the foundation with the crypt remained of it. Now the place...
Monument to Prince David in the Stolin district (David-Gorodok)

Monument to Prince David in the Stolin region

The central attraction of David-Gorodok is a monument to Prince David Igorevich, installed near the local House of Culture. It is believed that this particular Volyn and Dorogobuzh prince was involved in ...
The Royal estate in Baranovichi

The first stone building of Baranovichi - the estate of the Royal

Baranovichi is a large city in the Brest region (the second largest and most populous), originating in 1871. This year is notable for...
Chapel-tomb of the Holy Family of the Brokhotsky family in Vereskovo

Vereskovo: chapel-tomb of the Brokhotskys

Once the village of Vereskovo was an estate with a large estate of the Brokhotsky-Dybovskys. Today, the manor house is in ruins, and nothing reminds of its former greatness. Despite...
Kascioli of Belarus

Neo-Gothic church in the village of Shimoneli (Nestanishki)

The Catholic Church of the Mother of God of Good Counsel is located in a rather remote place in the Smorgon region, where it can be difficult to get to. But those who decide will be able...
Long-term defensive point on the M1 highway

Dot on the M1 highway - a defensive point

The wartime pillbox is located on a hill, not far from the city of Baranovichi, Brest region. If you drive along the M1 highway, it is easy to see from the road. Going deep...
Borisov castle

Borisov Castle or Prison Castle in Borisov

There is no exact date of construction of the castle in Borisov. Historians call the time period from the end of the 12th century to the middle of the fourteenth century. Originally built from wood...
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