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Novogrudok castle

Ruins of Mindovga castle in Novogrudok

Novogrudok Castle - History and Stages Novogrudok Castle is a well-known landmark in Belarus and one of the main fortresses of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the past. For a long time the castle was...
Trinity Church in Benica

Abandoned Church of the Holy Trinity in Benica

Benitsa was once a large gentry town, the massive Church of the Holy Trinity, towering above the village, reminds of its former greatness. Today the ancient temple unfortunately looks...
Palace-estate of the Slotvinskys in Rovanichi

Palace-estate of the Slotvinskys in Rovanichi

Rovanichi is a small, picturesque agricultural town 20 kilometers from the town of Cherven. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the 16th century (1535), as part of the Minsk...
Aesthetics of devastation and ruins - abandoned churches in Belarus

Aesthetics of devastation – Abandoned temples of Belarus

Destroyed, abandoned and abandoned temples on the territory of Belarus For connoisseurs and lovers of the special atmosphere of abandoned places, we have made a selection of the ruins of Belarus. In this part...
Manor Tyszkiewicz "Vyaloe" in the village of Rudnya

Ruins in the village of Rudnya – the estate of the Tyszkiewicz family “Vyaloe”

The small village of Rudnya is located in the Volozhin district, Minsk region, between the village of Ivenets and the city of Volozhin. Here, deep in the forests, you can see an unusual attraction -...

Palace of the Puslovskys "Kossovo Castle"

The Kossovsky Palace of the Puslovskys is at the final stage of restoration. Now the work on the arrangement of the park zone is being completed. The history of the construction of Kossovo belonged to many famous families: Khreptovich, Flemming, Sapieha. V...
Czapski Palace in Priluki near Minsk

Czapski Palace in Priluki near Minsk

15 km from Minsk you can visit the historical and picturesque place of Priluki. The first mention of the area where the Czapski Palace stands today date back to the middle of the 16...
Church of the Dominicans in the Knyazhitsi of St. Nicholas

The ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Knyazhitsy

If you are interested in the sights of Belarus, and the ruins are delightful, then you should definitely visit the village of Knyazhitsa. In this place, the Dominican church has been partially preserved. Church in...
Rdultovsky Palace in the agricultural town of Snov - description, history, photos

Palace-estate of the Rdultovskys in the agricultural town of Snov

In a place with a very pleasant and sonorous name "Dreams" there is one of the most beautiful palace complexes in Belarus - the Rdultovsky Palace. The place itself (now the agricultural town of Snov) is mentioned for the first time...
church in Gervyaty

One of the most beautiful churches in the country - Trinity Church in Gervyaty

The Trinity Church in Gervyaty was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is considered one of the highest temples in Belarus - 61 meters...
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