Where to stay in Ostrovets? Sun Hotel

Where to stay in Ostrovets?

Ostrovets is considered one of the fastest growing cities in Belarus, and is also located in a fairly tourist region (near Oshmyany, Krevo, Golshany, Gervyaty and Boruny)....
Review of IntercityHotel Wien in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna? IntercityHotel Wien

Vienna has received the status of “best city to live” several times, so it is not surprising that the flow of tourists here is increasing every year. This fact is of course...
Novum Hotel City

Where to stay in Berlin? Feedback and advice

Berlin is on the list of cities with a growing demand for short-term housing, so prices here are quite high. A room in an average or even budget hotel will cost...
Where to stay in Prague? Downtown Suites Kodanska - review

Where to stay in Prague? Downtown Suites Kodanska

Prague is the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic, which you need at least a few days to thoroughly explore, so finding a good place to stay for the night is a matter...
Nalibokskaya Pushcha - what to see?

Nalibokskaya Pushcha – what to see?

One of the largest and most beautiful forest areas in our country is Nalibokskaya Pushcha, located in the central part of Belarus. This amazing place gives everyone the opportunity...
Excellent hotel on Phu Quoc island, Vietnam - photos, reviews

An option for a good hotel for a holiday in Fukuoka - Isabella Resort

Phu Quoc is a great place to relax by the sea all year round. Especially popular with tourists from the CIS countries in winter, when the island is +30 and the sun. Vietnam...
Review of Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Budget Hotel

Finding a hotel for a solo trip to Dubai can be quite an adventure. On the one hand, the city has hundreds of luxury and unique hotel complexes - with...
Public transport in Dubai - fare

Public transport in Dubai

Having arrived in Dubai for a short time, but planning to explore the city, it makes sense to get yourself a card for travel on public transport (NOL-card). She acts...
How to pay for travel on Abu Dhabi buses

Public transport in Abu Dhabi

City buses are the main form of public transport for Abu Dhabi in general and especially for budget tourists. With the help of buses you can...
Oryx Hotel review and photos

Oryx Hotel – a hotel option near the water in Abu Dhabi

On the one hand, Abu Dhabi has a huge number of different hotels, most of which can be classified as premium segment. However, those hotels that were built more than 15-20...

What to do in The Hague? TOP places in 1-2 days

When it comes to tourism in the Netherlands, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely Amsterdam. However, this unique country has plenty of other...
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