Gornostaevichi, Svisloch district, belonged to representatives of the Butovt-Andreikovich family from the middle of the 18th century. As expected, this ancient family had its own estate in the town (outbuildings were partially preserved). In addition, in 1801, a church was built, originally Catholic, and after the suppression of the uprising of 1863 - Orthodox. Exactly Church of Saints Peter and Paul today is the main attraction in the village Gornostaevichi.

Gornostaevichi village

The temple has a classical architecture and a rectangular shape, distinguished by a portico on six columns. The walls are lined with rubble stone, which emphasizes the impressive age of the building.

In the old photograph of the first half of the 20th century, it is noticeable that there is no stone fence yet, and the bell tower was a small wooden turret.

What is the temple in the village of Gornostavechi
Pre-war photo, source: be.wikipedia

In Soviet times, the church was used as a warehouse, it was returned to believers in the early 90s, at the same time the gate-bell tower was completed.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Gornostaevichi

There is an assumption that the temple in Gornostaevichi was originally built as a Uniate one. A slightly less common version is that the building is the family chapel of Butovt-Andreikovich.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Gornostaevichi

The most beautiful manor house, built under Yaroslav Butovt-Andreykovich, has survived to this day in a heavily rebuilt form. However, thanks to pre-war photos, you can see how the estate looked in its best years.

Manor of Butovt-Andreykovichi
It looked like the estate of Butovt-Andreykovich (front entrance), presumably 1937-39

One of the most famous representatives of the family is Maria Magdalena, an artist and teacher who lived in Gornostaevichi from 1881 to 1933. After her death, she was buried in Porozovo, where the Butovt-Andreykovichs had another homestead.

syadzіba Butaўt-Andreikavіchaў
Sviran, zdymak and 1939. Krynitsa: Aftanazy. Dzieje rezydencji na dawnych kresach Rzeczypospolitej. Tom 2

To find the Peter and Paul Church, drive off the P78 highway to the village of Gornostaevichi, the temple is located in the very center of the village, below is a point with a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend seeing the ruins of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Grinevichi, as well as visiting one of the oldest cities in Belarus - Volkovysk.


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