The most beautiful road in California

If you are a car travel lover, then you have probably heard at least once about track number one. Also known as California State Route 1, Pacific Highway and the most beautiful road in the world. The route along it runs right along the ocean with stunning views and many observation platforms.

The track began to be built at the beginning of the 20th century, and the first sections were opened in 1930. True, the road got its current name only in 1964. Since that time, thousands of thousands of cars pass annually along the Pacific highway, most of which belong to tourists.

The road is over 1000 kilometers long and runs from Mexico to Canada, but we'll take a look at the most popular section from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Most tourists fly into the City of Angels, rent a car and drive into the city in disco style. Different sections of the road may be closed, which will create problems with a detour, but here everything is at the mercy of the weather and the road workers.

LA car rental action plan

For those planning a trip to California, Los Angeles will almost certainly be the destination. There are 2 good reasons for that. The cost of the flight, and the second cost of renting a car and their choice.

A few tips for Los Angeles:

Road and attractions

The Pacific Highway is called the most beautiful for a reason. Here you really want to stop at every kilometer and enjoy the views. I advise you not to deny yourself this pleasure, but to add +1 day on the road in advance.

There will be several national parks and interesting towns along the way, but it's up to you to decide where to go.

Definitely recommend finding a sea lion rookery if you go in the spring. During this period, there are really a great many of them, you can watch them for hours and by the way, it's absolutely free.

One of these places is Friends of the elephant seal in San Simeon.

This is where California seals come out to bask in the sun.

Animals are very smart, but not as kind as it might seem. It is strictly forbidden to approach and feed them.

Some tips for places:

I really liked the town of Morro Bay. It reflected the spirit of rich, cinematic America.

Everything is fine here, in the morning people go surfing, run and walk their dogs. A good housing option is to rent a room through airbnb or budget hotel through website Agoda.

Although the city is not very big, it is nice to walk around and see interesting places. We had a separate material on unique skate museum, it is just located in Morro Bay.

There were also many otters that drifted peacefully near the pier.

In a word, the place is peaceful.

It is also worth taking a look at Monterey. The place became especially popular after the release of the series “Big little lie“. Here you can go whale watching. There are different whales in different seasons, so plan ahead.


Another typical Californian city on the way will be Santa Cruz.

Remember that the Pacific Highway may intersect with Route 101 from time to time. Normal, Express, and Fast.

This is how moving due north along the most beautiful road you will find yourself in sunny San Francisco.

Talk about the city here here. By the way, the route goes much further, to the extreme point of Canada.

general view of san francisco

But if you go west to the national parks, that's fine too. In other materials, I talked about the park Sequoia и Yosemite. Happy travels!

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