The main attraction of Vietnam - Halong Bay

Halong Bay in Vietnam considered one of the main attractions of the country. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is recommended for a mandatory visit. By the way, in Vietnam there are 7 more places from the list, but the bay comes first. They say this about Halong Bay: if you have not visited it, then you have not seen Vietnam. Is it so? What kind reviews collected by Halong Bay, how to get from Hanoi and what excursions organize in this material.

How to get from Hanoi and other places

The easiest and most economical way to get from the capital to Halong Bay is to take a tour that includes the road. About this method and excursions will be below.

How much to get? Read your carrier's itinerary carefully. From Hanoi they carry two different ways, one takes about 2 hours (by highway), the second - 4 hours. Why take the longer route? See authentic Vietnam.

If you are still looking for independent travel, then a useful site for Asia - will help you. There are tickets to all major destinations, Vietnam is no exception.

So the cheapest option to the city of Halong is a shuttle bus, comfortable with air conditioning. One way ticket approx. 250.000 VND (about $11). The train may be cheaper, but you will have to go to Haiphong City, and from there take a bus. A taxi will be expensive and more suitable for companies of 4 people.

Excursions from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Why did I write that this option is much more profitable? Think for yourself, the simplest tour starts from $30. Includes round trip, cruise, meals and entertainment. Departures from the Old Quarter almost every day, in the morning. The price will depend on transport, ranging from large buses to comfortable cars. The bus that took us:

A group of about 20 people, everyone is given a bottle of water, air conditioning is working. The guide is English-speaking, but there are options to find an excursion with a Russian-speaking guide, it all depends on your wishes.

Also, the price of an excursion from Hanoi to Halong Bay will depend on the duration. You can take a cruise up to 3 days. Another point is the ship, the higher the service and the better the review, the higher the price. Options:

Day Tour

Tour for 2 days

Tour for 3 days

Cruise ships have separate cabins. Usually 3-4 storey, comfortable.

A word of advice: skip the cheapest tours.

Most of the boats are typical - a common cabin with tables, an observation deck on the second floor. In the photo - the simplest and oldest ship.

My review and experience of visiting Halong Bay from Hanoi

The first thing you should know about the bay is a very touristy place. You should immediately understand that there will be a lot of tourists here. Special Peak - September.

During the excursion on the ship you will be about 15-25 people. This amount allows you to enjoy amazing views without the slightest problem.

Weather, Halong Bay is an unreal place, but it will look worse on a gray and overcast day. Try to take this fact into account when planning to visit this place. Consider the rainy season, in Vietnam it is from April to October. The rains are short, but strong and frequent.

What is the food like during the tour of Halong Bay?

They were satisfied with the food, they gave fish, marine reptiles, salads and various snacks vietnamese cuisine. Drinks are not included in the price and are purchased additionally, the prices are normal, a little more expensive than in the store.

While visiting the Vietnamese bay, a number of additional entertainments will be waiting for you. Among them: visiting the cave, kayaking, beach and observation deck. More details about each stop below.

Sung Sot Cave - Secret Cave

One of the first stops on the tour will be a cave Sun Sot Cave. The place has a beautiful legend and history that your guides will surely tell you. Why is the cave attractive? Before the trip to the bay, I had already visited stalactite caves in the USA, so there is something to compare with. The Cave of Surprises, as it is called, is really massive and looks like a movie set.

Is she scary? No, it is well illuminated, and the abundance of tourists will not let you feel alone. Usually a visit to the cave is included in the price of the tour.

Sung Sot Cave is like a separate attraction of Halong Bay itself. Worth a visit, not only for the photos, but for another “wow” in favor of the wonders of nature.

Kayaking while visiting Halong Bay

Even if you take a day cruise around the bay, you will find kayaking. For those who do not want to get wet or are too lazy to work with oars, there is an alternative - riding on bamboo boats. 

There is not much time for kayaking, but you will have time to make a circle around a small bay.

The main feature is the opportunity to see monkeys.

They are fed here in one place, where everyone swims. But if you look closely around you, you will notice them everywhere.

Watching them is a pleasure. True, you should not swim too close, they can pull or bite something.

Beach and viewpoint

Next stop - beach. And perhaps this place was the most uninteresting. The accumulation of tourists is simply unrealistic, you can swim, but there is no particular desire, as there are too many people.

The observation deck is worthy of attention, but you have to climb narrow steps up for about 15 minutes. As you understand, both gorgeous views and a bunch of people who want to capture them will be waiting for you at the top.

But in my opinion, all this pales before the views that await you, for me - this was the most important thing.

Halong bay reviews

I read dozens of reviews before going. There were even negative ones, but only about the quality of service and the road. Although in my opinion such reviews are biased. It is difficult for me to imagine a person who will not be surprised by Halong Bay in Vietnam. Surely you do not need recommendations, here only YES and a must-see. The only point is three-day cruises. I doubt very much that they make much sense, but why not?

I hope you found Halong Bay from Hanoi helpful. If you have any questions or wishes - feel free to write in the comments.

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