Unusual agricultural town Flame in the Vitebsk region it is often also called Polymyaand Old Belitsa. Until 1917, all these lands belonged to the large Belitsa estate - one of the richest in the region. As expected, there was an estate with a large farm, owned by representatives of the Svyatsky family. In addition to the family estate, the Svyatskys organized a large enterprise in Belitsa, which included a distillery, a cheese factory, several factories, as well as stables, cowsheds and various auxiliary buildings. Today, unfortunately, all this heritage stands in ruins, but even in this form it is impressive in scope.

Utility yard in the village of Polymya

The economic courtyard was built in several stages, just like the palace. The first buildings were erected in the mid-19th century by Joseph Svyatsky, and his son Karl enthusiastically continued his work.

Brovar Svyatskikh and ruins of outbuildings in the village of Plamya
Stary Zdymak 1916

So, by the first half of the 20th century, Flame was a developed place where they even produced cheese under their own brand “Dobra Bielica Karla Swiackiego”.

Ruins in the village of Polymya

Plamya, Sennensky district

After 1917, all Svyatsky enterprises became the basis for the future state farm “Plamya”. It is curious that many buildings were used almost for their intended purpose until the 90s. A unique reminder of those times is the hammer and sickle sign installed at the entrance to the village.

Hammer and sickle at the entrance to Flame

Below is a photo of the brewery, it’s a shame that back in the early 2000s the building stood completely intact.

Abandoned brewery in the village of Plamya

The Lord's Courtyard of the Saints in the village of Plamya

And here is the former stable with a carriage house.

Former Svyatsky stable

Saints' Stables in the village of Plamya

This building is also in an old photograph from the first half of the 20th century.

Old photo of a stable in the Staraya Belitsa estate
Zdymak from the Svyatsky album

Abandoned flock and the weight of Polymya

The fate and history of the Svyatskys is sad, but it can hardly be called atypical; such processes took place throughout the entire territory of Belarus. When the revolution of 1917 occurred, most wealthy families were forced to flee, leaving all their property, and those who did not leave ended badly. The Svyatskys chose to leave for Warsaw and never returned to their native places.

What remains of the Svyatsky estate in the village of Plamya?

The farm yard is located not far from the reservoir, after the hammer and sickle sign you need to turn right, below is the point with the location of the object on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to the village of Chereya and looking at the picturesque ruins of the “White” church.

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