In the village of Dubrovo, Minsk region, partially preserved church ruins - the main attraction. However, in addition to this, in Dubrovo you can also see Brovar Vankovichi. Surprisingly, the distillery of the late 19th century has been perfectly preserved, although it has not been used for its intended purpose for more than 25 years.

Interestingly, until 1997, the brovar functioned, and the products were in demand. After closing, the distillery was empty for several years, and then bought out by a private individual. True, the new owners did not succeed in realizing their ideas.

Inside the brovar, local workers store inventory, the area around is maintained in proper condition. 

Across the road from the brovar, another building of those times has been preserved - an alcohol storage. The building is also made of rubble stone with pseudo-Gothic elements.

brovar in dubrovo

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