Brilevskoye field and annual reconstruction

In the village Brili, Borisovsky district a memorial complex was erected in memory of the participants in the hostilities of 1812 and the inhabitants of this town. The monuments of the complex stretch in parallel along the river, united by a common path. It will be interesting to visit the place for everyone who went to study sights of Borisov and surroundings.

Brilivskoe pole

Brilevskoe field photo

The Brilevskoye field is the place where the main battles unfolded during Napoleon's crossing of the Berezina River.

Brilev field

In these places, a military-historical Holiday-reconstruction "Berezina". Perhaps, for people who have poorly learned history in our schools, this date will not say anything. After all, in our textbooks we focus more on the theme of the Second World War and its heroes. And about earlier events, one can only recall: “Tell me, uncle, is it not for nothing that Moscow, burnt by fire, was given to the Frenchman?"("Borodino" M. Lermontov).

Brilevskoe field

Nevertheless, the history of the War of 1812 tells the following: on the morning of November 28, a fierce battle broke out on the banks of the Berezina. During which, according to some reports, about 8 thousand people were killed. “It was at the end of the War of 1812 that the word “birch". It has become synonymous with disaster, failure, tragedy."

“Memorial Complex of the War of 1812” mark:

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