Sands - This is a rather old settlement, it was first mentioned in the early 16th century. Then, in 1503, these lands were granted Dmitry Kiyanin. However, the future of Peskov will be associated with a different surname - Puslovsky, to which the estate passed at the turn of the 17th century. It's hard to believe, but the Puslovskys owned Sands until 1939, which is almost 300 years. During this time, the estate complex experienced many sunrises and sunsets. Today, several interesting objects have been preserved from their former grandeur, among which stands out northern gate.

The northern gate of the Puslovskys in Sands

The entrance gate looks monumental, built in the middle of the 19th century in the Gothic-castle architectural style. In its forms, the brahma resembles Kossovo castle. The explanation for this is quite simple - the same owners Puslovskie.

Sights of Belarus - Brama Puslovskih

Gate in the Sands consists of 2 high cylindrical towers, which are connected by an arched passage about 8 meters high. The arch and towers are decorated with jagged passages, which were used in medieval castles. Decorative stucco molding has been preserved on the walls, and narrow and elongated stylized windows-loopholes in the towers.

Agrotown Peski, Belarus

Mirrored gatehouses, 5,5 by 4 meters in size, adjoin the towers. The bases of the towers are distinguished by relief crosses and niches.

The Puslovsky estate in the agricultural town of Peski

What to see in Belarus - gate Puslovskih

Previously, the entrance to the Puslovsky estate was blocked by gates, from which, unfortunately, nothing remains. In old photographs, you can still see the upper wooden elements.

North Gate of the Puslovskys

Agrotown Peski, Belarus
old photo, source: Aftanazy

In addition to the northern one, Peski has also preserved western gate, its condition is much worse and perhaps closer to the ruins. Next to her manor house of the Puslovskys, rebuilt from the stables. Another attraction of the agro-town - Trinity Church.

Agricultural town Sands

The old gate of the Puslovskys in the agricultural town of Peski

Initially, the gate was built at the entrance to Peski (which is understandable), but over time, houses began to grow around. Therefore, today the gate has “shifted” to the center of the agro-town and is located on Mira StreetIt won't be too hard to find it.

If you are in these parts, visit the village Bezdezh, there is a memorial chapel and Trinity Church of 1784.


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