On the territory of the former monastery of the Benedictines located Nesvizh gate-bell tower (bell tower). The unique tower was built in 1763 and belongs to the Baroque architectural style.

Nesvizh gate-bell tower

Gate in Nesvizh is a three-stage tower with a dome. Where each tier decreases in height, which creates the effect of increasing the building itself.

tower v nezvizhe

Like many years ago, the tower serves as an entrance gate. Only today, nuns do not go through this passage, but mostly students and tourists. Within the walls of the building of the former monastery is located Yakub Kolas State Pedagogical College.

Bashy Nesvizh

Benedictine Monastery of Nesvizh

The monastery itself was built in Nesvizh thanks to the wife of Radziwill Sirotka. An interesting fact is that the monastery was also part of the defensive system of the city.

Benedictine Monastery of Nesvizh

The chief architect was a native of Italy - Bernardoni. He designed not only the monastery, under him construction began in Nesvizh Church of the Body of God.

Other sights of Nesvizh

The building of the monastery was built in the form of a letter П. The Benedictine monastery was an important cultural center of Nesvizh. There was a music school and a library for wealthy citizens.

Church of Saint Euphemia, constituting a single whole with the residential buildings of the monastery, has not been preserved. Once in the temple there were as many as 7 altars. The main altar was made of wood and richly decorated with various sculptures and columns.

Church of St. Euphemia in Nesvizh
photo: antonsm.livejournal.com

Like many other Catholic churches, the Church of St. Euphemia was turned into an Orthodox church in the middle of the 19th century. Later, in 1866, by order of the Russian Emperor Alexander, a barracks was established within the walls of the monastery.

Benedictine monastery brama-bell tower

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Benedictines tried to return to Inconclusive, however, in 1939 the Benedictine monastery was finally closed.

During the Great Patriotic War, the church was damaged by fire. Unfortunately, they did not restore it. Unlike the church, the Nesvizh gate-bell tower has been perfectly preserved today. Be sure to try to visit this landmark of the city, located on Chkalova Street.

What other sights of Nesvizh are worth seeing? It will be interesting to see Palace of the RadziwillsTown HallSlutsk Gate и craftsman's house.

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