One of the most ancient artifacts and Orthodox shrine of Belarus - Borisov Stone. It was discovered near the village of Podkosteltsy, which is now part of Novopolotsk, in the channel of the Western Dvina. At the end of the last century, this boulder, which weighs about 70 tons, was transported and installed about St. Sophia Cathedral.

Borisov Stone in Polotsk

The cross carved on the stone and the inscriptions “XC NIKA”, “Lord, help your servant Boris” date back to the reign of Boris Vseslavovich (beginning of the XNUMXth century). Scientists have a version that during pagan times this stone was used for sacrifices. And the prince, with the help of applying symbols, made him an object of the Orthodox faith.

There is a legend that by touching the Borisov stone, you can improve your health or fulfill your cherished desires. It can also help bring back lost love. So be sure to visit this attraction and other monuments of the Vitebsk region.

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