Lufthansa meals on board, popular destinations and airline promotions

Lufthansa Airline in Europe, it occupies one of the main places in air travel. The company was formed in Germany in 1926 by merging the transport group Deutsche Aero Lloyd and aircraft industry Junkers Luftwerkehr. Today it is a huge concern, which includes the largest airline in Switzerland. Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Austrian Airlines. Lufthansa is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, with Munich and Frankfurt am Main airports as hubs. The company began using the first high-speed liners in 1960.

Lufthansa meals on board

Like most major airlines, Lufthansa distinguishes two types of menus depending on the duration of the flight.

  • short and medium length
  • intercontinental flights

In addition, the level of service and the choice of meals depends on the class of your ticket. Photos from our material, taken during an economy flight. On short flights there may be no on-board service at all (example: Frankfurt-Luxembourg). On +1 hour flights, they usually offer light snacks, either a sweet or a sandwich. Tea, coffee and various soft drinks. Alcohol is not offered, business class is an exception.

Sweet cheesecake and tea. Flight Minsk – Frankfurt
Sandwich on a similar flight

On intercontinental flights, at least 2 meals are waiting for you. The drinks menu will include wine, beer and spirits.

Before takeoff, water and snacks are offered.
Lunch on the Frankfurt-Atlanta flight. Hot to choose from, salad, sweets, bread, cheese, red wine, juice
Second meal aboard the Lufthansa before landing. Fruit, muffin and juice.

Remember that 24 hours before departure, but after online registration, you can order a special menu, as well as a children's menu. Such a function will be available on the Lufthansa website or in the application.

Where does Lufthansa fly?

The geography of the air carrier covers Europe, Asia, USA. There are few flights to Africa and the Middle East. Lufthansa planes do not fly only to Antarctica and Australia.

Searching for flights on the company's website is a pleasure. If you have not decided where you want to go on vacation, the airline will tell you. The air ticket filter sorts destinations not only by cost, time of year and region, but also by your holiday preferences. Do you want a beach holiday? Check the box and you will be shown tickets to those cities where there is a beach. By the same principle, you can find options for shopping, sightseeing, skiing or for those who love to eat.

Interesting facts about the company

A distinctive feature of the airline's aircraft is a blue bird in an orange circle. This emblem is depicted on the tail of the airline's aircraft.

Lufthansa - co-founder of the world's oldest aviation alliance Star Alliance.

The air fleet of the German airline has 283 units, which operate several dozen flights every day.

Booking Lufthansa tickets

On the main page of the official website of the airline, use the search or go to it through popular destinations. For clarity, we will book a ticket from Minsk in Palma de Mallorca in May.

lufthansa tickets

Select the month you want from the list. A calendar will open with dates and minimum rates. May 17 suits us, choose this date and click the “book” button. Next, choose the return flight.


The next step is choosing a flight. Pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the duration of the flight, the number of transfers and the departure time.

lufthansa tickets buy

After we have decided on the flight, we select the fare. Like other airlines, there is a fare without baggage, standard and superior economy. We need a classic option with luggage and the ability to rebook a ticket with a surcharge.

lufthansa air ticket

Once the fares are selected, the tickets are added to the shopping cart. There you see the final cost with taxes and additional fees of the airline.

lufthansa basket

We go to the basket and enter the personal data of passengers. If you have a Miles & More card, enter its number and pin code to receive bonuses.

lufthansa booking

We complete the booking with payment. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

lufthansa ticket payment

Lufthansa promo code

You can get an additional discount on the ticket using a promo code. To do this, the combination must be entered in the “promo code” field (in the photo above it is circled in red).

Lufthansa mobile app

Use the airline's app. Use it to check timetables, book a flight, check in a seat on an airplane, or check in extra luggage. The app works on iOS and Android.

Miles & More rewards program

Lufthansa is the creator and participant of the customer loyalty program, which has over 300 travel partners. By presenting a Miles & More bonus card, you can earn Lufthansa miles and then receive rewards (flight awards, car rental or hotel reservations, gift cards at partner stores and other bonuses).

Buy tickets more often and travel more!

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