Berlin is on the list of cities with a growing demand for short-term housing, so prices here are quite high. A room in an average or even budget hotel will cost 100$. Of course, prices may be a little higher, or vice versa lower, depending on the season and day of arrival. Since the center in Berlin is a vague concept, the main recommendation when looking for a hotel in this city is: choose one that is close to a public transport stop, and ideally a metro. During my trip I stopped at Novum Hotel City, a compact hotel near the station Bulowstr.

Where to stay in Berlin?

Most of the rooms in this hotel are about 20 m2, with a large bed, TV, massive window and bath. On the outside, everything looks quite neat and clean. Photo of the room:

Where to stay in Berlin?

Some of the rooms overlook the courtyard, which has its advantages - cool shade and silence. The other part faces a busy intersection.

Novum Hotel City Berlin
view from the rooms of the metro station and the main intersection of the area

Wi-Fi works with a good signal, there is a hairdryer, but no iron or refrigerator. Also a big minus is the lack of air conditioning, I think it will be a bit difficult in the summer heat.

Novum Hotel City

Breakfast at the hotel can be added, the price is $11 per person, in the rooms there is a “bonus” of expensive mineral water - $4 per bottle.

Cheap hotel in Berlin
Bathroom in the room

From the Berlin Novum Hotel City it is easy to reach anywhere in the city, be it a train station, airport or central attractions. You can check current prices for accommodation here. Below is the location of this hotel in Berlin:

If you are in the capital of Germany, a good option to get to know the city is to book a sightseeing tour.

General recommendations and prices for hotels and apartments in Berlin

  1. Budget hotels:
    • Price: from 50 to 100 EUR per night.
    • Examples: hostels, small hotels with basic amenities.
  2. Average level:
    • Price: from 100 to 200 EUR per night.
    • Examples: three to four star hotels with good amenities, located closer to the center.
  3. Suite:
    • Price: from 200 EUR and above per night.
    • Examples: five-star hotels, luxury boutique hotels in the city center.

Apartments for rent

  1. Short-term rentals (for example, through Airbnb):
    • Studio or 1-room apartment: from 50 to 100 EUR per night.
    • 2-room apartment: from 100 to 150 EUR per night.
    • Larger apartments: from 150 EUR and up per night.
  2. Long-term rent (monthly):
    • Studio or 1-room apartment: from 700 to 1200 EUR per month.
    • 2-room apartment: from 1200 to 1800 EUR per month.
    • 3-room and more spacious apartments: from 1800 EUR and more per month.
Factors influencing the price:
  • Location: Central areas such as Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg are usually more expensive.
  • Time of year: Summer months and the period around Christmas may be more expensive due to high demand.
  • Amenities: Additional amenities such as a pool, fitness center, parking, etc. may add to the cost.
  • Book early: Plan and book your accommodation early to get the best deals.
  • Date flexibility: If possible, choose less popular travel dates.
  • Comparing options: Use aggregator sites to compare prices and booking conditions.

These averages will help you navigate housing prices in Berlin and plan your budget for a trip or long stay.


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