Continuing virtual Travel through the grandiose abandoned buildings, fast forward to New York. IN Millbrook in 1893 a beautiful hotel was built Halcyon Hall for 200 numbers by financier HJ Davison Jr. There were no crowds of guests at the door of the hotel and the owner was forced to sell the empty hotel. The new owner of the building in 1907 opened a school for girls - Bennett Collegethat has existed since 1890.

Initially, 120 girls from wealthy American families studied at the school. The term of study was 6 years: 4 years of secondary school and 2 years of higher education. The school held classes in golf, tennis and horseback riding. Later her converted to college. They taught art, fashion and interior design, modern languages, literature, child development, fundamental and applied sciences at the college. According to the two-year training program, the school lasted until 1978.

The bankruptcy came due to the modernization of the college and the construction of a scientific building, necessary according to the new requirements of education.

Students who came to Bennett College for the fall semester were allowed to transfer to Marist College.

Now there is no trace of the former luxury.

The wooden walls of the five-story building are overgrown with moss and are gradually collapsing, fragments of broken glass lie at each window, only old furniture and damaged appliances “decorate” empty rooms.

The eerie sight of a two-hundred-year-old school erected on a deserted hill is frightening. No wonder there are rumors about the possible dwelling in the ruined walls of ghosts.

Photo source:

Bennett Common Way, Millbrook, NY 12545, USA


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