В Grodno Several buildings that were originally built as synagogues have survived. Large or Home – is well known to many; this historical object has long occupied one of the main positions on the list “what to see in Grodno“, and here is the synagogue on the street Socialist 35 - is a completely different matter. The building is not as impressive, but still interesting, and this synagogue has preserved its original architecture well.

Synagogue in Grodno on Socialistheskaya street 35

Some sources indicate that the Benahim prayer school was built in 1912. In terms of its architecture, the synagogue can be classified as eclectic in style.

Prayer school "Benahim" in Grodno

There is clearly a mixture of both traditional Jewish architecture and modernist trends of the first half of the 20th century.

Old Pashtouka Grodna Synagogue
Old Pashtouka, Harokhavaya Street

The facade is decorated with high arched windows, above them there is a rather unusual pediment with decorative elements and original shields. The building is compact and fits very organically into the development of Sotsialisticheskaya Street (until 1939 - Gorokhovaya).

Former synagogue in Grodno

In the post-war years, the synagogue was almost not rebuilt; it was used for the sports needs of the Spartak partnership. Reconstruction was completed not long ago; the building is included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus. Today the archive of the Civil Registry Office of the Grodno Region is located here, below is a point with a mark on the map:

Walking down the street you can reach the Bernardine monastery and Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross.

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