In the Chashniki district, Vitebsk region, there is a village with a beautiful name White church. Here are the ruins Trinity Churchfounded at the end of the 16th century. Approximate date of construction - 1597-1598 years. According to another version, construction began in first half of the 17th century.

The ruins of the Trinity Church in the village of Belaya Tserkov, Chereya

The temple had early baroque features. Why had? The current state, unfortunately, is ruins, although it is on the list for reconstruction. Regardless, the place looks fantastic.

Bila Tserkva Vitebsk region

What to see in Vitebsk region

The history of the construction of the church is quite confusing and has several versions. It is considered that Bogdan Pavlovich Sapieha laid in these parts basilian monastery. At which a wooden building was erected Church of the Holy Trinity. And later, under Leo Sapieha, a stone temple was built.

Sights of Belarus - Bila Tserkva

The ruins of the temple in the village of Chereya

The monastery was built on the shore Lake Golovlya, today - Chereiskoye, he was named - Belotserkovsky.

Lake Chereiskoe

Architecture of the “White” Church

An interesting feature of the temple is its defensive purpose. This is evidenced by the thickness of the walls of the tower: 1,75 - 2 meters. The belfry tower occupies a dominant position in the architecture of the Trinity Church. It is square in shape, three-tiered, symmetrical, with arched narrow window openings.

Belfry Tower Belaya Tserkov Chereya

Trinity Church in the village of Chereya

The monastery of the times of Lev Sapieha has not been preserved. Since 1838 it has been completely closed. Those ruins of the church that we see today are the result of the destruction of the temple in 1930. The photographs of 1916 clearly show that there were still outbuildings around.

Ruins of a church on the peninsula of Belarus

The main volume of the temple has a rectangular shape, which used to end with an apse (destroyed). The side walls are divided by massive pilasters with wide arches. Almost nothing is known about the interior decoration and interior.

The ruins of the church in the agricultural town of Chereya

Beautiful church at sunset

Watch an overview video of the ruins of the Trinity Church at sunset:

Road to the village White church take about 2,5 hours from Minsk. order distance 170 kilometer. Every year in these places is held popular SPRAVA festival.

In Cherey there is an ancient Uniate temple of the 17th century. More interesting places and attractions - on Belarus map.

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