Baranovichi - this is one of the major railway and main junctions Belaruslocated on the M1 highway. Despite the rather young age of the city by the standards of history, there are quite interesting sights here. For instance wooden church of 1924 и Intercession Cathedral. However, in this article, we recall one of the oldest abandoned places in Baranovichi - building of the enterprise Agropromstroymash. The enterprise itself is still functioning today, but the abandoned administrative building “left” the balance sheet more than 15 years ago.

Abandoned factory in Baranovichi

Abandoned factory in Baranovichi

There were big plans for this object, there were ideas to rebuild it into a trendy shopping center, but in the end it turned out something like this.

Abandoned building of Agropromstroymash in Baranovichi

There is a fence around the abandoned building with prohibition signs, but judging by the abundance of tags and drawings on the walls, it does not stop anyone.

Abandoned in Baranovichi

On the floors there is emptiness and a sea of ​​broken bricks. The picture is rather sad and sad: bare concrete walls and crumbling tiles in the former dining room.

Abandoned building of Agropromstroymash in Baranovichi

Abandoned building of Agropromstroymash in Baranovichi

It is interesting to go down to the basement, where there was a sealed hermetic door in the bomb shelter. Intuition did not disappoint - it has clearly been cut down to metal for a long time.

Abandoned bomb shelter in Baranavichy

Inside, everything is like in the best horror films: flooded rooms, abandoned things and incomprehensible liquid substances.

Abandoned places

Abandoned gas masks

Abandoned building of Agropromstroymash in Baranovichi

Abandoned bomber in Baranovichi

Visiting such places is always an unjustified risk that is dangerous to your health. Therefore, it is better to go to explore historical places. Not far from Baranovichi there is a unique Bokhvitsei estate in the village of Fleryanovo.


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