In my opinion, one of the most interesting buildings in Baranovichikh, in architectural terms, is a house on Frolenkova Street 50. The building dates back to 1902 and is mentioned in almost all sources of information as district excise department. That is, a service was located here that collected taxes for the production and sale of alcohol.

Beautiful building in Baranavichy

This eclectic building in its own way can be considered a reflection of an entire era in the history of Baranovichi. In addition, the uniqueness is added by the fact that such buildings have hardly survived in the city.

Baranavichy old pashtouka
old pasta 1910, from the site 1871, Kalektsyya Urusava Alega

After the end of the First World War, a Polish children's school was located within the walls of the building. Under Soviet rule, there was an office of the NKVD, then the House of Pioneers, and until 2009 a branch of the Baranovichi Economics and Law College functioned here.

Stary Budynak near Baranavichi

Today the old two-story mansion is empty. There was news that in 2013 the building was bought at auction and they even planned to restore it, but the actual work was never started.

Baranavichy old budynak

This unusual house is located near the railway station, across the road from the “Chygunka Museum”, below is the point marked on the map:

Not far from Baranovichi you can see a wooden Reitan estateand family tomb of this kind.


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