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Surely you have repeatedly heard that a certain book was banned in a particular country? Yes, this happens today and quite often. In this collection we have collected for you list of banned books. Literature has always been under the close control of censorship. Quite often they deal with “slippery” topics: sex, religion, politics. Unfortunately, the fight against literature continues. The authorities prefer to simply ban certain books. They believe that in this way they can protect people from reading certain works. Next, a top will be presented, which considers the most popular of the banned books in different periods.

"Protocols of the Soviet Wise Men"

Georgy Klimov

The works of this author have always been under the gun of censorship. In his work, Georgy Klimov considers a protective ideology. He believes that the state, which is elected by the majority, should oppress minorities in every possible way. The ban occurred due to the fact that the book contains a lot of anti-Semitic ideas.

The blow of the Russian gods

Vladimir Istarkhov

summer solstice slavs kupala night sowianie slavic customs

This is a neo-pagan book. The first edition appeared in 1999. The book was immediately banned because of the many anti-Semitic ideas. The author declares that Christianity, communism, Freemasonry are Jewish religions.

Testament of a Russian fascist

Konstantin Rodzaevsky

The work deals with the “Jewish question of the last century” by Konstantin Rodzaevsky. The monograph has been constantly criticized by historians. It was banned due to the fact that it explores the philosophy of the Nazis, in addition, the work was written after the German attack on the USSR (in 1943).

On the needle

Irving Welsh

cinemagraph gif

A cult novel that led to a kind of “literary shock”. In Russia, the work has become one of the symbols of the “hopeless” nineties. It was this book that was supposed to become a guide to foreign indie prose for the domestic reader. But it was banned because of the promotion of drug use.

13 reasons why

Jay Asher

bored 13 reasons why GIF

The main character, a teenager from an average American school, finds a parcel of 13 cassettes on the threshold of his house. This discovery will change his life dramatically. Why? Find out in the book. (Or in extreme cases, you can watch a series from Netflix)

Why ban: Discussion of suicide

wind runner

Khaled Hosseini

The highly acclaimed work and debut novel by author Khaled Hosseini, an American writer with Afghan roots. The book will tell the complex story of young Amir, his wrong and right decisions. The story takes place in Afghanistan.

Why ban: Promotion of Islam, child sexual abuse

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

gregory peck haer lee GIFs

A novel from the distant 60s, for which the writer Harper Lee was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. In the novel, we are shown the history of a town in the very backyards of the United States, through the eyes of a little girl. The book puts a lot of emphasis on the turning point in America, when xenophobia and racism were just beginning to recede but were still strong in the South.

Skins: Russia is awakening

Dmitry Nesterov

This is not just an information piece. The book contains numerous calls to action. It was written based on the personal experience of Dmitry Nesterov (pseudonym), who was a member of one of the groups in the late 90s. It is quite logical that the book was instantly banned from distribution.

Anthology of French Surrealism


This is a book that includes plays, treatises and stories by famous French poets. Previously, the anthology was recommended for study by students and teachers. But it ended up on the list of banned literature when the Soros Foundation became an “undesirable organization” in Russia.


Bayan Shiryanov

This is a kind of Russian interpretation of the novel Trainspotting. It contains instructions on how to properly make narcotic mixtures. The effect after taking the funds is described. Naturally, the book was banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll

Seva Novgorodtsev

rock and roll drugs GIF

This is a kind of history textbook. It tells about how the process of formation of modern music took place. The book constantly talks about drug use, sexual relationships. Despite the fact that Seva Novgorodtsev previously had great popularity, his work was banned.

Fundamentals of Islamic Faith

This is not just a textbook for those who want to get acquainted with the Islamic religion. This is extremist literature, which, of course, is banned in the country.

My struggle

Adolf Gitler

It is unlikely that anyone does not know about this fundamental work of the leader of the German Nazis. The book was banned due to the fact that it incites ethnic hatred.

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