Polish Airlines LOT (Polish Line Lotnicze) were founded in 1929. During this time, many aircraft of the airline were in the sky, making flights within the country, between cities of the CIS countries and to distant continents. LOT flies to 55 countries around the world. The headquarters of the Polish airline is located in Warsaw, where she is based, at the airport named after Frederic Chopin. The Polish Airlines fleet consists of 73 Boeing, Embraer, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft. In the near future, the air fleet will be replenished with 16 more units.

LOT destinations

Within the country, you can fly to the cities: Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Gdansk, Zielona Gora, Lublin, Katowice, Olsztyn-Mazury, Krakow, Poznan, Szczecin.

Good airline flight program to cities USA. Among them New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.

More distant countries - Australia, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand.

Promo codes and promotions

For some destinations, the company arranges air ticket sales. For example, you can fly from Minsk to Warsaw and back, buying a ticket from October 5, 2018 to November 30, 2019, for 99 euros.

promo code lot

To get a discount, you need to enter the promo code LOT in the promotions section.

Buy tickets LOT

You can find a suitable flight and book a seat on Polish Airlines aircraft on the official website of LOT. First you need to fill in the search fields on the main page - select the city of departure and final destination, departure date, number of passengers and the desired class (economy or business). We are looking for flights from Warsaw to Geneva.

LOT booking

In a new window, we will see a list of all possible flights according to the specified parameters.

LOT flights

After choosing a flight, you need to decide on the fare. As a rule, luggage is not included in the minimum economy class fare. Such tickets with a restriction on the return and exchange of the ticket. Therefore, if you need luggage in addition to hand luggage, take a standard ticket. In addition, such a ticket can be exchanged with a surcharge and you can choose a seat on the plane.

LOT ticket purchase

When you buy a Premium Economy ticket, you get additional bonuses. Such a ticket can be returned if plans have changed. On the plane, you get premium meals, get on board quickly and get your baggage out of line.

Business class gives a lot of privileges to the passenger. No one will sit in the next seat on the plane, you can carry luggage up to 32 kg, you will wait for your flight in a separate business area, and eat on a special menu on the plane.

We will be quite tripled with a standard ticket in economy class. We select the tariff and below we see the price -388,17 EUR. Fees and taxes are already included in the price. See the full list of additional fees in detail. Be sure to read important information and pricing terms. And click next.

Fill in the fields with personal data.

Polish Airlines

The next step is to choose additional services. You can choose your seat on the plane (additional fees may apply for some seats). Here you can also check in additional or special baggage - the service costs from 60 euros.

Next, you need to pay for the ticket.

Polish airlines payment

To do this, in the window that opens, check the data and enter your card details to make a payment. The last step is to click "Pay and Confirm".

The ticket after payment will be sent to your specified mailbox.

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