The last king of the Commonwealth in Grodno there were several estates, among which estate Avgustovo. Stanislav Poniatowski invited a trusted Italian architect for the construction Giuseppe Sacco. By that time, this architect had already completed another Grodno residence of the king - Stanislavovo.

Manor Avgustovo in Grodno

The work was completed by 1782. True, the estate served Poniatowski for a very short time, the last division of the Commonwealth was approaching.

The estate of Avgustovo in Grodno looked like
This is what the house originally looked like. Source: Aftanazy Roman

Already at the beginning of the 19th century, the estate complex was donated by Catherine ll Count Mauritius de Lacy.

Manor Avgustovo in Grodno

Rod de Lacy remained the owner of Augustovo until 1939. By that time, the original manor house was no longer there (destroyed during the First World War).

Avgustovo estate in Grodno old photo
The photo was taken in 1920. Source: Aftanazy Roman

Only the building of the former taverns, which in 1920 was rebuilt into a residential building (this building can be seen today).

Tavern Avgustovo in Grodno old photo
This is what the de Lacy estate looked like in 1920

Augustovo Grodno

Avgustovo Estate Grodno

Another interesting part of the estate complex is Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul. It was laid down under Mauritius de Lacy in 1818. Completed already under his son in 1821. The chapel was used as a family tomb. Today it is rather problematic to approach the chapel, as the temple is being actively built here.

August Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul
Source: Aftanazy Roman

Within the walls of the former estate of Avgustovo today there is a help center "Vera". The entire territory of the once princely manor complex is densely built up with multi-apartment residential buildings.

Tavern Augustovo in Grodno

You can find the building of the estate (former tavern) at Repina 5a. The chapel is located just across the road - street Repina 2.

Among other sights of Grodno I would like to highlight Lutheran church и Brigid's church. You will not see such tourist sites anywhere else in Belarus.

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