Good news for those who travels around Belarus. Museum of Lida Brovar with help "Festa guides” compiled audio tours of more than 60 places and cities in our country. Audio guides collected in routes, which consist of an average of 12-15 points, which are recommended by the authors. Start from Minsk and further to all regional centers.

Audio guides in Belarus from the Museum of Lida Brovar

The most diverse places for audio tours have been chosen, ranging from popular tourist destinations like peace и dukors, smoothly approaching the less known as homestead in the village of Krasny Bereg.

The recording format also varies, for example, some audio guides sound somewhere encyclopedic, while others, on the contrary, are quite informally. By the way, the popular guide became the voice of the excursions Nikita Monich. In addition to useful information about sights and stories about places, you will hear popular Belarusian melodies and poems, for which a separate plus for the creators. All ready-made audio tours are available for free download at If you are not ready to download, then listen online through soundcloud. You can listen immediately as a playlist (route), or you can listen to individual cities / places.

Audio guide Minsk-Brest

Satellite cities are waiting for you on the route Minsk - Fanipol and Dzerzhinsk. On M1: Stolbtsy, Baranovichi and Kobrin. The rest of the stops are a little further from the highway, but definitely worthy of attention. (what is it worth manor Rdultovsky in Snov и monastery in Bereza).

The most interesting sights of Belarus

Audio guide Minsk-Vitebsk

There are many interesting stops on this route, for which you should prepare more time. I advise you to pay special attention Smolensk, the village is remote from the highway, but its sights will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Smolyan Church of the Virgin Mary

Audio guide Minsk-Grodno

Grodno direction is considered one of the richest in sights. The first part of the audio route consists of historical points of the Minsk region: Zaslavl, red, Rakov other. The second of the brightest places in the Grodno region: Lida, Shchuchin, Bridges and on to Grodno.

Churches of Belarus Zaslavl

Audio guide Minsk-Gomel

Despite the fact that this audio tour  contains the least number of tracks, a large amount of interesting information awaits you, special items - Bobruisk и Gomel.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Bobruisk

Audio guide Minsk-Mogilev

It is interesting to know where the small church-castle is located and the largest abandoned church in Belarus? Find out the answer in the playlist on the route from Minsk to Mogilev.

Remember that it is not necessary to visit all points along the way. Team Museum of Lida Brovar set a goal to interest the listener and motivate to go on a trip to Belarus.

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