urban settlement Ostrino (Astrina) is located in the Shchuchinsky district, Grodno region and has a fairly rich history. The first written mentions of it date back to the middle of the 15th century; at different periods these lands were owned by: Khodkevich, Patsy, Zenkovich. There are also interesting sights: the Transfiguration Church, the Church of St. Teresa, the monument to Aloisa Pashkevich, as well as ordinary buildings from the late 19th - first half of the 20th century. In addition, two synagogues have been preserved in Ostrino – I’ll tell you about them in more detail.

Urban village Ostryna

The synagogues date back to 1916, built on the site of their wooden predecessors.

Synagogue courtyard in Ostryna

The Great Synagogue, also known as the Cold Synagogue, has a more interesting architecture and stands out with its arched projection. The facade is plastered and painted, the walls are cut with pilasters and cornices.


Synagogues of Belarus - Ostryna

The side walls, as well as the rear facade, are more modest, but they are not devoid of architectural elements.

Astryna synagogue

Jewish heritage in Ostryna

For quite a long time, the Ostrina synagogue was used as a House of Culture, but for the last few years the building has been abandoned. In 2021, information appeared that the building was bought by a businessman from Samara, who planned to organize a museum of Jewish culture here.

Former synagogue in Ostryn

Next door there is a small synagogue (Beit Midrash), which is warm; it is surprising that the building has almost completely preserved its original appearance and has not been rebuilt. Today this building is completely preserved.

Small Synagogue in Ostrina

Vyalika Synagogue in Astryna

In addition to the synagogue courtyard in Ostrino, it will be interesting to see the ordinary buildings, represented by one and two-story brick houses.

Urban village Ostrina, Belarus

Row housing in the urban village of Ostryna

Some of them have been restored and look very good, others are clearly awaiting renovation.

Astryna Belarus

In the central square, pay attention to the oldest object of the urban village - an Orthodox church built in 1865.

Church in Ostrina

Below is a dot marking the location of the synagogue in Ostrina:

In these parts I also recommend visiting Shchuchin, where you can look at Palace of Drutsky-Lyubetsky и PR monastery.

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