Ostrovets – is considered one of the fastest growing cities in Belarus, and is also located in a fairly tourist region (near Oshmyany, Krevo, Golshany, Gervyaty and Boruny). For overnight stay and recreation in Ostrovets there are 2 large hotels, the main one of which is Sun Hotel, opened in 2016.

Sun Hotel Ostrovets

The hotel offers several accommodation options: a classic double room, a superior room with two beds and a large room with a living room. You can also additionally order breakfast and even dinner. Prices start from 100 rubles per night.

Where to stay in Ostrovets?

A classic room at the Sun Hotel has a double bed in a spacious room, a refrigerator, a work space, a balcony and a combined toilet with shower. A big plus is that there is air conditioning, a TV with Wi-Fi, as well as pleasant little things in the form of mineral water and tea.

Where to stay overnight in Ostrovets?

In terms of interior, there is a strong middle ground. You shouldn’t expect more than repairs or a design miracle, but you often don’t need this to spend the night comfortably.

Hotel in Ostrovets

Review of Sun Hotel in Ostrovets

The main hotel of Ostrovets is located in the very center of the city, so if you wish you can walk to church, park, or to the Zami shopping center.

I can’t rate breakfast and dinner, I didn’t take it, but if it’s convenient for you, the cost is quite adequate - 15 rubles. The hotel is quiet, quick check-in without complicated forms and mountains of unnecessary paperwork. In addition, I got the impression that the hotel is not very busy, and for clients this is only for the better. The building has a gym, table tennis and even air hockey. There is a bar and restaurant on the ground floor.

Gatel u Astrauţa
view from the window of a room at the Sun Hotel

You can book a hotel room through an aggregator, or by calling 80447041144, whichever is more convenient for you. Below is the location on the map:

From Ostrovets I advise you to go to Vornany where it will be interesting to see Church of St. George, as well as unusual tower on the island.

How to get to Ostrovets?

To get to the city of Ostrovets from Minsk, you can use several ways:

  1. Automobile:
    • By car, the distance from Minsk to Ostrovets is approximately 170 km. Travel time will take about 2,5-3 hours. The route runs along the M6 ​​and P45 highways.
  2. Bus:
    • Regular bus routes depart from the Central Bus Station in Minsk. Travel time is about 3-4 hours depending on the route and stops. Schedules and tickets can be found on the bus station website or from carriers.
  3. Train:
    • Currently there are direct trains from Minsk in Ostrovets there is no, but you can take commuter trains or electric trains to Gudogay station, and from there by local transport to Ostrovets. It is also possible to change buses at one of the intermediate points.
  4. Taxi:
    • You can use a taxi, but this will be a more expensive option. Travel time is approximately the same as by car - about 2,5-3 hours.

The choice of transport depends on time and budget preferences.


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