One of the attractions Svisloch, Grodno region is a memorial complex “Asilak” with a massive statue in the center. The memorial was solemnly opened in July 1989, on the 45th anniversary of the city's liberation from German occupation. The idea of ​​such an unusual monument belongs to the Minsk artist and sculpture Tsompel Pavel Oksanovych. Together with two architects, Kazakov and Karpyuk, they first made a small prototype of the sculpture, and then gradually enlarged each copper sheet to assemble the Svisloch Volat.

Memorial complex Asilak Svisloch

Monument "Asilak" in the city of Svisloch

The bronze monument in the form of a 14 meter giant is often called simply “Barefoot” by the locals. It symbolizes a simple man who is ready to defend his home and native land.

Pomnik Asilak

Monument "Asilak" in the city of Svisloch

Asilak is located on the outskirts of the city, below is the point with the location of this attraction on the map:

Svisloch is an interesting city, I advise you to see the former gymnasium with a luxurious portico, the place where manor Tyszkiewicz and park, as well as take a walk through the historical center.


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