In this part, we will look at the following architecture styles in Belarus: gothic, modern and rococo, (before that, in the first part, we got acquainted with Baroque and Classicism). The brightest identifying features that will help you better navigate the architectural trends that have been popular in our country in different centuries.

Gothic style in Belarus

gothic style in belarus

The Gothic style is often described as "eerily majestic". It was widespread in countries where the Catholic faith prevailed.

  • Dominant colors: yellow, red, blue, grey.

geriati poshyk info

  • Gothic style lines: lancet, forming a vault of two intersecting arcs, ribbed and repeating lines.

  • Form: buildings are mostly rectangular, with lancet arches that turn into pillars.

Churches of Belarus Ishkold

  • Interior: fan vault with supports, coffered ceiling, wooden wall panels; complex leafy ornament; halls are high, narrow and long or wide with supports in the center.

  • Designs: frame, openwork, stone, elongated upwards, lancet arches, underlined skeleton structures.
  • Windows: elongated upwards, you can often find stained-glass windows, sometimes round decorative windows.

Temple in Postavy

  • Doors: lancet ribbed doorways, oak paneled doors.

Church in the village of Zelva

What to see on our site in these styles? Open sections Gothic и neogothic.

Modern in Belarus

modern architectural style in belarus

Art Nouveau is a style of architecture that was widespread in the 19th and 20th centuries. Its main feature is the rejection of straight lines and angles. Instead, natural, "natural" lines were used. Art Nouveau is characterized by an interest in new technologies, the use of applied art.

Manor Zheludok

Dominant colors: beige gamma, gray, mother-of-pearl.

Line: dynamic, free.

Form: rational and free, symmetry and asymmetry.

etz chaim

Characteristic interior elements: large, spacious halls, harmonious, not bulky decoration.

Manor Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky in Zheludok

Designs: logical and expedient, lightweight aluminum and traditional reinforced concrete, arched, beam and cable-stayed.

Windows: large, sometimes the entire wall.

Doors: telescopic, sliding, folded.

Unusual house in Bobruisk

One of the most striking sights of Belarus, in modern architecture, can be called the estate of Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky in Zheludok.

Rococo in Belarus

Rococo (French for “decorative shell, shell, rocaille”) is a direction in architecture, the features of which are sophistication, a large decorative load of interiors and compositions, and a graceful ornamental rhythm. In the elements, much attention was paid to mythological, erotic themes. Personal comfort came first.

Church of Francis Xavier in the city of Grodno rococo
Church of Francis Xavier in Grodno

Color: soft, pastel palette, combination of white with blue, lilac, pink, yellow, terracotta. Warm colors prevail in living rooms, while brighter colors (red, green, blue) are chosen in non-residential rooms. Gilding was often used.

Church in the city of Myadel

Ornament, wriggling patterns of shells, stylized heads of cupids, all kinds of stucco moldings, fabric wallpaper or painting, decorated with glossy material or silk, were widely used. The ceiling was decorated with a fresco, which was based on a mythological or landscape story.

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