When it comes to short term rental housing, you have to monitor a lot of sites and sites for selection. We have already said, how to find the best price for a hotel and details about top host booking services. But often this is not enough, especially if you are looking for an apartment or house. In this article, we will look at interesting sites that will help you rent a house.

website daily ru

Housing search service Sutochno.ru

Russian analogue of the American Airbnb. The geography of the service covers not only Russia, Belarus and neighboring countries, but also countries of other continents. The site helps with the search for housing that is rented travelers for a short time. Accommodation options include single rooms, apartments and entire houses.

daily ru

The service was created for the convenience of not only those who decide to rent a house, but also for owners who want to help tourists save money, and at the same time earn money themselves. The site shows net prices without any markups.

  1. Great for trips around the CIS
  2. Lots of affordable apartments
  3. No hidden fees and commissions
  4. Good discounts and promotions
  5. Bonus programs
  1. Enough of unscrupulous homeowners
  2. Complicated refund system

Registration on the site will not take you more than a minute. All you need to do is enter your name and phone number, which will receive a confirmation password. Registration is also available through social networks.

Search and booking an apartment on Sutochno.ru

Finding what you need on the site is easy. On the main page there is a search with a choice of city. In the window that opens on the right, you can edit the date, number of guests, rooms and beds for them. There is a gradation by price and a filter by amenities in the apartment / house. You can sort the accommodation according to the positive reviews of previous visitors.

The selected options will be displayed in a list or on a map. Here choose whichever is more convenient for you.

housing search service

The map is clearer if you need accommodation in a certain part of the city.

The first step in booking is to check availability. A window will open where you need to check the dates of your stay, the number of guests, the presence of pets, the purpose of arrival, your name and phone number.

website daily

Confirmation is required, so enter the current number. After filling in all the fields, send a request. Mandatory stage of booking - prepayment. If you are unable to attend, you must cancel your booking. And the sooner you do this, the more money you will be able to return. According to the rules, you pay a penalty for cancellation, so more than 50% of the money spent cannot be returned. The service was originally launched in Russia and the countries closest to it, so the choice of housing in this region is much greater than in remote areas. For the convenience of users, a mobile application has been created. Works on Android and iOS.

Booking with owners, how Airbnb works

Another site for solving the issue of short-term rental housing is Airbnb. Service for finding housing from the owner at a price much lower than the hotel price. The site features hundreds of cities and thousands of options. In addition, there is also unusual housing on the site. No, not a tankhouse, but, for example, a yurt or a treehouse.

Airbnb has a section called "Experiences" that brings together tours, nightlife, exhibitions, places of interest around the world, and more.

  1. Leader in its segment
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Huge selection of unusual accommodation
  4. The best technical support
  1. Not found, write in the comments

Airbnb discount coupon

You can double your savings with promo codes or coupons, which give an additional percentage of the discount on the booking. Also provided Airbnb discount on first booking. An equally nice bonus for those who are trying to save money.

To use the promotional code, at the time of payment, enter the discount coupon combination in the field and click "apply". If the promotional code did not work, you entered it incorrectly or did not fulfill all the conditions.

When planning the next trip, the first thing everyone tries to find out more about the place where he will soon be. Many try to find sights, museums, unusual exhibitions, streets and shops in advance in order to make a short plan or map for themselves. Of course, not everyone bothers with this and prefer to "go wild", exploring the objects already in place.

But the moment that any traveler thinks about is housing. Book a hotel room not always beneficial. There can be many reasons - the budget does not allow, there are no free rooms in the hotels of the desired area, or you simply do not like crowded hotels. In this case, you can open


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