Our editors decided to go to the next trip around Belarus. Great weather, great company. How to get to your destination? It will not be so easy to visit several sights while traveling by bus or train through the Belarusian hinterlands. Save the situation car rental in Minsk. We learned which companies operate in the market, what they offer and how they communicate with the client.

our conditions:

We planned to rent a budget car for 2 days, with a mileage of more than 700 km. We were looking for a car on the eve of the weekend, on Friday.

All companies can be divided by the number of cars in the fleet. Initially, we turned to companies that have more than 10 economy class cars available on their websites. For those who arrive in Minsk, we advise you to use immediately proven world services:

The best price among 8 companies offered commandir.by. Attentive and knowledgeable manager offered to rent Peugeot 107 for 50 rubles per day. But, having found out that our path would run along the highway, I inclined to choose a car more suitable for high speeds - Peugeot 206 for 55 rubles with a limited mileage of 350 km / day. I did not forget to mention the standard deposit in Belarus of 100 rubles. He reminded me about the overrun - 10 rubles for every 100 km.

Company member "World-Auto" (mir-avto.by) offered Toyota Yaris for 54 ruble per day. The mileage limit is 300 km per day. The overlimit is charged at 20 rubles for every 300 km.

Car rental V-auto.by offered Nissan Pixo for 54 ruble per day. We were even allowed to go abroad on this car, with the condition to pay a deposit of not 100, but 150 rubles. The mileage limit was 600 km for 2 days and 7 rubles for each subsequent 100 km.

Satisfied with the consultation with the company manager IS car, who was one of the few who presented his company, explained everything intelligibly and found it for our trip around Belarus Lada Granta for 56 rubles per day. He told us about the rules for renting and returning a car, the nuances of time and the overlimit, which in the company is 10 rubles for each subsequent 100 km, in excess of the prescribed 700 km for two days.

В auto-pepper (autoperec.by) we asked for an economy class car with a manual transmission. But we were offered the only remaining car Kia Rio with automatic transmission for 60 rubles for a day. Mileage 300 km, overlimit - 7 rubles for every 100 km.

В Maya bee (car-rent.by) we introduced ourselves as foreigners, but the value of the deposit was not raised, it remained equal to 100 Belarusian rubles. But no specific car was offered - the manager kept talking about pre-booking and inviting me to come to the office and choose the model I liked from all that was left. The price of renting an economy class car was 60-66 rubles.

В CAR24.by we had to “pull out all the information with tongs”. As a result, we were offered Renault Megane for 70 rubles per day. On the company's website, this car is not classified as a budget car, but as a standard class and they offer to rent it for 80 rubles per day. Apparently they made a discount. The standard mileage limit is 700 km, the fare above this mark is 20 rubles for the next 350 km. Convenient for those who need to travel far.

The largest deposit was asked to be left in west group (westgroup.by) - 200 rubles instead of the usual XNUMX. The manager offered to rent a Toyota Aygo for 60 rubles/day. The mileage limit rules are the same as the previous company. They also offered car washing services before renting, for an additional fee, of course.

Avr.by gave us a Chevrolet Cobalt for 2 days for 120 rubles and offered to get acquainted with the car on the site. We reviewed and found an inconsistency. On the site, the price of this car is $ 23 per day, we recall that we were offered a rental for $ 30 per day. The standard deposit is 100 rubles per car.

Car rental companies with a small fleet (less than 10 cars)

Among companies that have less than 10 cars, we managed to find an option for 45 rubles. They became the car Opel Corsa with a limit of 300 km per day and an additional 10 rubles. over the next 100 km. Offer received from the company RBcar (rbcar.by).

У Sunway Renault Clio was in store for us, which they were ready to deliver free of charge to the house by 8 in the morning, given that the working day starts at 10.00. The price is quite attractive 50 rubles per day. You can drive 700 km without surcharges by paying a deposit of 100 rubles.

В Chariot specified which car we want without giving information about their fleet. But in general they agreed on the 2013 Volkswagen Polo for 55 rubles, on the site the cost of this machine is slightly higher. The standard limit is 350 km per day. For the next 100 km you will have to pay 15 rubles.

The same car was offered to us by a girl in Thank youAuto (thanks-auto.by) for the same 55 rubles. You can drive 700 km in two days, the next 100 km - 6 rubles each, perhaps the best over-limit in terms of price. The deposit for citizens of the Republic of Belarus is 100 rubles, foreigners must pay 250 rubles.

Company SixT, the first in Europe to start car rental business, also operates in Belarus. The manager suggested we rent a Mercedes Smart car for 59 rubles. But we were struck by the mileage limit - only 200 km per day. Having explained that this was too short a distance for us, they offered us the same car on different terms: for 86 rubles per day with unlimited mileage. The manager on the other end of the line tried her best to keep the conversation going and asked permission to contact us later.

We had a pleasant conversation with a representative Authors (autorenta.by). We were provided with complete information about the rental of a 2015 Kia Rio car with a manual transmission. Per 60 rubles In a day we could ride 300 km. Overrun - 10 rubles for an extra 100 km.

Carent.by found for us Renault Logan for 60 rubles, with a mileage of 300 km per day. A deposit of 100 rubles and a driving experience of at least 2 years. The company takes overmileage at the rate of 10 rubles for every 100 km.

employee Lamba.by could not find a car for us on the required dates, but offered an option for other dates. Asked for Renault Logan 50 rubles. The same car with unlimited mileage was offered for 60 rubles per day. Pretty good.

В Aznur there was no economy class, but an offer was made to rent a standard class Volkswagen Passat car for 84 rubles per day.

We heard the most indistinct answer to our request in Seven.by. “We can't help. Goodbye!" – everything we learned about the company and their offerings.

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