American Museum of Natural History (The American museum of natural history)

visit New York and not visit American Museum of Natural History is a real crime. The colossal museum is located in the western part of New York's Central Park. The museum consists of 25 buildings interconnected and storing priceless exhibits within their walls.

Wandering through the endless halls of the museum, it seems that the exhibits are about to come to life, as it was in the movie Night at the Museum.

The world famous museum opened in 1869. Its founder was Albert Beekmore, among the co-founders were Theodore Roosevelt, John Morgan and Morris Jesup. Initially, the museum's collections could not boast of abundance, but the first expedition to the Arctic organized by the museum bore fruit. Polar explorer Viljalmur Stefansson brought rich material for the museum from the north.

Today, the museum has a huge number of halls of various subjects with impressive expositions.

Must visit:

hall with dinosaurs

The collection of dinosaur skeletons, which is stored in the hall of paleontology, is striking not only in size, but also in power. Many exhibits, of course, are made of plastic, but among them there are real remains of ancient animals. Here you can learn about the types of dinosaurs and the eras of their existence.

Hall of Mammals of Africa

Scenes from the life of the inhabitants of Africa, a variety of animal species of the hottest continent are presented in this hall. Both adults and children rush to walk past tigers, antelopes, crocodiles and zebras in the museum.

Hall of the Indians

The tribal life of the Indians is colorfully presented in the form of miniatures, costumes and frightening masks. Among the artifacts of Native Americans, one can find impressive finds, for example, Mayan calendar.

Indian settlement miniature

Hayden Planetarium

The six-story building of the planetarium, which is a branch of the Museum of Natural Sciences, stores many secrets and knowledge about space objects and the solar system. For many visitors it will be interesting installation about the big bang theory.

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Ocean Life Hall

The exposition contains a huge video screen, which shows a film about the origin of life in water. The footage of the film was filmed in different parts of the world's oceans. Among the most impressive specimens of the hall of underwater life - blue whalepresented in actual size.

Hall of Human Origins

This section contains the most significant finds of mankind, telling about the periods of its formation. Stored here skeleton of a primitive man "Lucy", the remains of which are 3,2 million years old. Among the exhibits are many figurines made by human hands, tools and other artifacts of ancient people.

In the new IMAX cinema scientific and educational films of various subjects are shown. Valuable manuscripts are stored in a huge библиотека the museum.

No wonder the American Museum of Natural History is visited by more than 5 million people every year.

Address: Central Park West and 79th Street, New York, NY 10024-5192, USA

Opening hours: daily from 10:00-17:45

Ticket price: adult - $23-33, student - $18-27, child - $13-20


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