Alanya - one of the most famous Turkish resorts, which attracted tourists back in the 1960s. It is a beautiful and hospitable city with a rich history, which is associated with various interesting facts and places. To make it more fun to read, we collected Turkish cats, which are just everywhere in the city!

Alanya Turkey - interesting facts and local cats

Alanya is the warmest resort city in Turkey

The unusually long beach season is one of the reasons why Alanya tourists flock. You can swim here March to mid November. The average air temperature in summer is about + 35 ° C.

Interesting about the city of Alanya in Turkey

Cleopatra beach

Cleopatra beach is the most famous place in the city. Locals tell a legend that Mark Antony gave it to Cleopatra and even brought sand from Egyptright off the banks of the Nile.

Cleopatra beach in Alanya

The queen fell in love with the beach so much that she began to rest on it all the time. Now the beach is a picturesque sandy strip with a length of more than 2 km. On the equipped embankment rests in the peak season until 10 thousand tourists.

Holidays in Alanya

The best place for a family holiday in Turkey

This title was received not only by the city as a whole, but also by its individual districts - Mahmutlar и Avsallar. There are a huge number of playgrounds and other places for recreation: a water park, a dolphinarium. Most cafes have a children's menu.

Interesting about the city of Alanya

City of contrasts

В Alanya includes several districts that differ markedly in landscape and infrastructure.

Cats Alanya and a view of the Taurus Mountains

Mahmutlar located 15 km from the city, this is a quiet place where you can feel the harmony with nature. The city center has various restaurants and shopping centers. North Alanya, located near the Taurus Mountains, separates the city from the countryside. Avsallar is 20 km away from the center; there is a caravanserai of the XNUMXth century in it.

The main attraction of Alanya - Kyzyl Kule

Kyzyl Kule - a tower built to protect the city in the XNUMXth century by order of Sultan Aladdin Keykubat. Now it is a symbol of Alanya and adorns the city flag.

Red Tower or Kyzyl Kule Alania

It has the shape of an octagon and 5 floors. The building can accommodate 2 people. The first floor of the tower is occupied by the ethnographic museum. The tower is part of fortresses of alanya.

Pirate hideout

During the years of the Roman Empire, the territory on which Alanya is now located was called Karakession. This place was home to the most dangerous pirates in the Mediterranean. According to the legend in Maiden Cave the criminals held the kidnapped women.

What is interesting in Alanya Turkey

The unique Damlatash cave

This cave is located in the center of Alanya, the entrance is near the funicular. It was formed naturally about 15 thousand years ago. Previously, a quarry was located at this place, but in 1948, workers accidentally discovered the entrance to Damlatash when the rock was undermined.

The unique Damlatash cave

Of interest are colored stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the unique composition of the air, which is considered curative for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases. The temperature in the cave +22-23°C, humidity is increased, and the content of carbon dioxide is 10 times higher than in ordinary air.

How to get to the fortress of Alanya

Turkish Rio de Janeiro

Alanya was nicknamed the local Rio de Janeiro for the fact that there are especially many entertainments in the city at night. Tourists have fun in a variety of nightclubs and bars, visit discos, walk along the promenade.

Holidays in Alanya Turkey

local holidays

Turks are Muslims, so they don't celebrate the New Year. At the end of December, there is no holiday atmosphere here, not counting the show programs that are organized in hotels for tourists. But the locals are celebrating Ramadan Bayram, which does not have an exact date. On this day, Turks visit each other and give sweets. Eid al-Adha - the day of sacrifice. The Turks slaughter sheep and give the meat to the needy.

Interesting facts about alanya

Ancient fortress mosque

This building has several names, sometimes it is called Sulemaniye Mosque. The mosque was originally built during the time of Aladdin Keykubat, but was rebuilt in the XNUMXth century by order of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Mosque on top of a fortress in Alanya

This stone building is famous for its unusual acoustics. The sound resonates due to the balls suspended under the dome. The interior is no less interesting: the mosque is decorated with luxurious carpets and intricate carvings.

fortress in Alanya

Shipyard Tershane

This attraction was also built under Aladdin Keykubat. In the coastal rock, 5 galleries 70 meters long were cut through.

Shipyard Alanya

They are located in parallel, earlier battle galleys were hiding here. The shipyards look especially picturesque from the sea.

Alanya Turkey interesting facts

Alanya Gardens - a modern landmark

Exotic plants, including flowers, are planted in local gardens. The environment is carefully monitored, so the gardens are well maintained and clean. They are equipped with benches and playgrounds. Ataturk Park especially attracts with sea air and numerous fountains.

Turkish cats in Alanya

Entertainment for divers

divers come to Alanya to visit underwater caves and observe the life of marine life. The diving areas are at the foot of the cliffs. Both beginners and professionals can dive.

interesting facts about alanya

I hope you enjoyed interesting facts about Alanya. Read also about one of the main attractions of Turkey - Pamukkale.


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