If you are already familiar with the classic and popular sights of Rome, then I suggest you go a little further from the tourist routes and look at Roman aqueduct Aqua Claudia. The ruins of this historic building date back to the first century AD, and construction began on the orders of Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar, better known as Caligula.

Unusual sights in Rome

Work on this object ended in 52, but already under the emperor Claudius. As a result, this water supply system became the 8th aqueduct supplying Rome with clean water and was considered one of the “Four Great Aqueducts of Rome”.

Aqueduct Park in Rome

The total length of the aqueduct was approximately 69 kilometers, but most of it was underground. Today, only a small area has survived from this ancient structure, the ruins of which are just located in the city park. Aquaduct Park.

Roman aqueduct

The high arcades of the aqueduct were made of large hewn blocks, and at its very top there was a small neck through which water flowed to Rome.

Ruins in Rome

Of course, the size of the Aqua Claudia aqueduct is significantly inferior to similar structures, such as the Spanish Segovia, but walking past the arcades of this ancient structure, you admire the engineering art of the masters of that time.

Ancient Roman aqueduct Aqua Claudia

Surprisingly, there is not much information about this ancient Roman structure. The reason is somewhere understandable and quite obvious - for the Romans it was a typical "water supply", albeit significant.

Ancient Roman aqueduct Aqua Claudia

Now, along the ruins of the aqueduct, there is an eco-trail for walking.

Park with an aqueduct in Rome?

Having reached the edge of the park, you can see farms where sheep are grown - a completely different Rome begins here.

What to do in Rome and what to see?

To see the ruins, the easiest way is to get to the metro station Lucio Sestio or Giulio Agricola, from where it is a few minutes walk. Below is the point with the location of the Aqua Claudia aqueduct:

If you are in Rome, I recommend visiting Baths of Caracalla - This is another not the most tourist attraction of the city. Also, if possible, go on a trip to Italy, for example by train to Florence.

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