Airline Air France is one of the largest carriers in Europe. AF flights fly all over the world, from regional routes in France to USA. In this article we will tell how to feed Air France on long flights.

How Air France feeds

General information about the service on board the aircraft of the French company

  • each class of service (first, business, economy) offers its own menu. We will consider - meals in economy class.
  • no later than 24 hours before departure, you can order a special menu on the AF website or through the application. (Vegetarian, vegan, Indian, children's and many other variations).
  • usually on intercontinental flights they are fed 2, sometimes 3 times. A variety of drinks to choose from, including alcohol (champagne, beer, wine).

Main meal - lunch on Air France flights

No matter what time you fly out, you will be sure to be well fed on board the AF aircraft. There are usually 2 hot meal options available to choose from.

how to feed Air France

First set:

  • puree with stewed chicken with sauce
  • lentils with carrots (salad)
  • bun, cheese and butter president, blue cheese
  • water bottle
  • dessert
  • drinks from the menu (took white wine)

Meals on Air France aircraft

Dessert is berry pudding.

Desserts on AF flights

The second set to choose from included:

  • Spinach puree with sweet and sour chicken
  • boiled rice with vegetables
  • bun, cheddar cheese, water
  • dessert
  • Red wine

Food on Air France planes

How Air France feeds

Alcohol on Air France flights

Cheesecake for dessert

Dining on Air France flights

The food is quite tasty, as well as varied, and with the fact that costs are being reduced during Covid19, it feeds AirFrance quite well.

Light breakfast, dinner and snacks on French Airlines

The second meal was much simpler, it can be described as a snack. On the first flight:

  • yogurt
  • sandwich
  • cupcake with hot tea

How is food served on Air France flights?

Air France meals on board

On the return flight, a similar breakfast looked like this:

  • Orange juice
  • cupcake with tea
  • bun with cheese and butter

Meals Air France

Compare Air France meals to how to feed Vietnam airlines и What interesting offers Aeroflot. Read more about jetlag и difficult neighbors on the plane, a buy an electronic plane ticket can be on the link.

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