The dining room of your dreams.

Tell me, is it simple slogger or schoolboy can afford shawarma for 6 rubles or kfc every day? What about office plankton? How should he be? What to do if you are not an IT specialist, and your parents give you only 5 rubles and send you to the real world, where Zybitskaya, October, shopping centers и expensive establishments in the center?

The answer is simple - not show off, but go to the dining room. And better in the factory. Where is this? Now I'll tell you.

And so, the best canteen in Minsk. Without juicy photos, praises and advertising, only about food.

Canteen №12 - this is in every sense a classic example of Soviet factory catering. Here, each fork has its own number, and tables and chairs remember the distant Khrushchev times. Here they could celebrate a wedding and hold a commemoration for several generations (by the way, this function in the dining room is still available today). Appearance and decoration can scare away a modern resident Minskbut those who dare will be pleasantly surprised!

Now it has become fashionable to listen to the authoritative opinion of insta divas and bloggers about the quality of food and the level of service in establishments. Armies of young and juvenile tasters describe their impressions of fashionable Minsk grubs. Who are we not to follow trends? And so - what can you eat in the dining room and not go broke?

Portion #1 - Chicken chop with rice, vegetables, Greek salad and pancakes with cottage cheese, and of course compote. The cost is 4,05.

Portion #2 – Buckwheat porridge with fish cake, double cottage cheese casserole, salad with rice and crab sticks and compote. Total cost - 5,41 rubles.

An interesting feature of the dining room is napkins, here they are in short supply. Most likely you will receive only one unit at the checkout.

Portion #3 - Boiled chicken with rice, pancakes with prunes, 2 compotes and a cake. Cost - 4,47

As you understand, the assortment at the dining room will please any visitor. There are days here when you can stumble upon red fish, and julienne, and even duck. There are queues here, but as in any similar place, the peak is at lunchtime from 13:00 to 14:00.

On average, for 5 rubles - you can afford any dish of the factory canteen MAZ number 12.

Of course in Minsk hundreds of canteens and I can be reproached for being subjective. But first go there and try the food.


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