Warsaw Airport bears the name of a famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin. Formerly called Okentse, opened April 29, 1934. This site is located 10 kilometers south of the city center. It has been used to receive aircraft since 1910. The airport accepts domestic and international flights, thanks to the work of the 1st and 2nd terminals. Also works Etude terminal for low-cost flights. Several dozen airlines fly to the main airport in Warsaw and throughout Poland, including British Airways, Belavia, Aeroflot, Wizz Air and others.

In this material, we will understand how to get from Warsaw airport to city center. What transport to choose and how much it costs. Let's also look at options transfers from Warsaw airport.

Home airline - BATCH.

How to get from Warsaw Airport to the city center?

Frederic Chopin airport has a developed infrastructure, so to get to center of Warsaw the traveler will not be difficult. You can use the services of different types of transport, differing in comfort and fare. All prices will be in PLN (1 PLN = ~17 Russian rubles).


Next to the arrivals hall terminal A there is a station from which trains leave for the city center. Transportation is carried out both on high-speed trains and on ordinary trains. The trains run from 6 am to 23:10 pm local time with an interval of 10-15 minutes.

Tickets are purchased at a specialized machine that accepts only the national currency. Travel time in both cases will not exceed 25 minutes. The cost may vary. The fare for a regular train is 3,5 zł. While on a high-speed train - 12 zł. The final stop for the passenger can be Warsaw East Station or Central station.


In close proximity to the arrivals hall there is not only a railway station, but also a bus stop. Local residents use this particular mode of transport when they need to get to the airport. Buses run around the clock with an interval of 5-15 minutes, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting.

The cost of the bus starts from 3,5 PLN. The bus follows the route No. 175 or No. 32. Tickets in Warsaw are purchased based on travel time. If the passenger is on the road for more than 20, but less than 75 minutes, the fare will have to be paid already PLN 4,5. The whole journey usually takes 25-40 minutes, depending on the situation on the roads. The fare for other routes is also PLN 3,5. Tickets are purchased from specialized vending machines.

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A popular way of travel among foreign visitors to the city. Local residents rarely resort to using this type of transport. The cost of a taxi is usually 10-15 times higher than the price tag for public transport. Ele Sky Taxi, Super Taxi and others operate around the clock. Advertising which is placed at the airport itself. There you can get all the information about the tariffs and order a car. Local taxi drivers operate using a meter at a daily or nightly rate. Usually in 15-20 minutes a taxi car delivers a client to the center of Warsaw for 40-50 zlotys.

Transfer from Warsaw airport

As a rule, transfer services with a meeting at the airport are even cheaper than a taxi ride. But in this case, it is worth considering the provision of transport in advance. It is worth booking a meeting a certain time before the planned arrival in the capital of Poland. You can do this using any service you like.

After the traveler's transfer is arranged, the driver will be waiting in the airport hall. Which will be able to deliver the client to any point, including the city center in 20 minutes. The cost starts from $15 per trip. I hope you have found a convenient way to get from Warsaw airport to the center!

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