I don’t know about you, but when I first come to the city, I want to see it through the eyes of a local resident. Do not immediately run to the famous museum, because everyone runs there. I have nothing against museums, things will come to them. I have already heard about local sights and need to visit them, but you intuitively know that each city keeps its secrets. And only a local native can know them. There is an option to wait for someone to talk to you on the street, in a bar or doorway, but such communication is not always pleasant. In addition, you want to spend the trip with benefit and the best way to get to know the city is to agree with a unique guide in advance.

Unusual excursions in St. Petersburg

В unusual excursions in St. Petersburg Tripster will help us.

What inspired and where did great minds, places of parties in the past, the secrets of sinister places, shabby bunkhouses, abandoned historical buildings, places of worship, gastronomic tours, stories of city markets, old manufactories, thematic excursions - everything can be done even if you have several days.

Unusual excursions in St. Petersburg usually take 2 to 4 hours. Pay attention to the nuances of excursions - “With children” or “without”, as often you have to walk a lot, not every child can stand it.

I recommend checking the reviews so you don't get upset later. Skeptics will immediately say that the reviews are real. Next, by clicking “Order”, we see a calendar where you can select the date we need.

unusual excursions in st. petersburg

Having done this, we see a confirmation form where we enter personal data. Please note that if on this day someone has already booked a tour before you, you can join it. The main thing is that the time is convenient.

unusual excursions in st. petersburg

And finally, more options for excursions in St. Petersburg:

How convenient get to St. Petersburg from Moscow, and here how to get from Minsk.

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