In the very center Svisloch rises a white obelisk, the history of which, like the city as a whole, is closely connected with the activities Vincent Tyszkiewicz. The famous count and figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania owned a number of estates on the territory of Belarus. He owned a luxurious Palace in Logoisk, manor Duboe, and of course Svisloch itself, where there was a hunting residence, from which, unfortunately, only the foundation has been preserved.

What kind of stele is in the city of Svisloch?

Vincent Tyshkevich actively invested in the development of Svisloch under him, the city really flourished and probably reached its economic peak. The count erected an obelisk in honor of an important city event - Svisloch Fair which attracted a large number of people.

Fair in Svisloch old photo
davaenny zdymak, krynitsa: Swislatska kryznauchy museum

Memorial column in the city of Svisloch

The obelisk that can be seen today is a copy erected in 2017. The original stele was destroyed in 1939, it is believed that a mysterious time capsule with a message was also discovered then, laid almost by Count Tyszkiewicz himself. The entry read: “Gorad budze kvіtnets, pakul staіts gety slup”.

Svisloch Tyszkiewicz

Obelisk of Tyszkiewicz in the city of Svisloch

Obelisk of Tyszkiewicz in the city of Svisloch
photo by Tomasz Wiśniewski, taken before 1918. Photograph from the collection of Kazimier Lachnovic

A rather atypical monument was restored with the help of local businesses, city residents and enthusiasts. As a result, Svisloch added another unique object to its list of attractions.

Obelisk of Tyszkiewicz in the city of Svisloch

The monument is located in the very center of the city, near historical buildings, below is the point with the location on the map:

Another important historical object of Svisloch, associated with the name of the Tyshkeviches, is the building of the gymnasium. If you're in the area, I recommend taking a look. old church in Gniezno.


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