On the way from the urban village of Zheludok to Belitsa, you can notice an unusual obelisk, which rises near the P141 road, near the village Boyarki. The first thought when you see this building is that in front of you is a memorial column of the clock of the adoption of the Constitution of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (late 18th century). As you know, after this significant event (May 3, 1791), similar columns were built throughout the territory of modern Belarus, a small part of them have even survived to this day. However, the mysterious obelisk in Boyarki was apparently built later than those events and most likely dates back to the mid-19th century.

Abelisk at the village of Bayarka

There is a rather interesting assumption that the obelisk was erected as a memorial sign (not a gravestone, but a memorial one) in honor of the cornet of the Lida district - Jozef Filipovich. This nobleman had an estate Khotyanovtsy just in these parts, it was located a kilometer from today’s village of Boyarki.

What are these ruins in the village of Boyarki, Lida district?

You will be surprised, but there is an almost exact copy of this obelisk in Koldychevo, Baranovichi district, where Yuzef Filipovich also had an estate. And there, unlike the village of Boyarki, an information sign with the inscription in Polish: “Jozeffowi Filipowiczowi Wuiowi Dobrodzieiowi Pomnik” was preserved on the column. I think there was a similar sign on the sister column.

Kolomna village Bayarki

However, the coincidences don’t end there! Another obelisk with very similar architecture stands next to the village of Provozha, Voronovsky district. Who knows, maybe Jozef Filipovich had an estate in those parts, and the columns are a way to designate his possessions?

Boyarki village

Residents of the village of Boyarki have their own version of the legend about the origin of the obelisk. According to rumors, it was installed by a local gentleman in memory of his daughter, who committed suicide due to the inability to be with her loved one.

Below is a point with a mark on the map where this unusual landmark of the Lida region is located:

A few kilometers from Boyarki you can see ruins of an estate in Dikushki.

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